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What Does It Cost To Build In the Metaverse in 2023?

SandStorm is in a unique position to establish the construction market across the decentralized metaverse with thousands of builders actively using our marketplace. Having tripled the number of metaverse builders and studios on our marketplace this year, we’ve completed our construction market analysis. It is extremely important for us to share this data publicly as price transparency between builders and brands moves the entire industry forward. The benchmark pricing data was collected from the top studios and individual creators across the most popular virtual worlds including The Sandbox, TCG World, SPACE, Spatial, Monaverse, Decentraland, and more.

What Is The SandStorm Marketplace?

For those new to SandStorm, a warm welcome! We connect brands with the best metaverse builders via our marketplace. The process begins when a business, influencer, web3 project, or legacy brand of any size submits a proposal to create a metaverse experience. Studios and individual builders bid on the brand’s proposal to take on the work. On average a proposal will get bids from 10-25 builders within the first week or two of going live on the marketplace. Once a bid is accepted by a brand based on the builder’s SandStorm profile, up to ten builders are linked into a group conversation on the marketplace to set in motion the build process. Many legacy brands who embark on a build with our marketplace need assistance to oversee their projects. For many of these brands, our team will support and guide the process of hiring premier studios and independent builders from start to finish.

SandStorm’s decentralized approach to assembling teams optimizes builder talent to provide the best possible outcome for brands. We take our role in establishing the construction market for the open metaverse seriously. Having partnered with the top five virtual worlds, we are able to publish transparent prices for both brands and builders. This data is foundational to the development of the entire open metaverse. Both skilled development studios and brands need access to accurate pricing data to trust they are transacting fairly.

The Metaverse Construction Market Analysis

Each experience/asset is unique and the talent required to build those depends on many variables. The complexity of one experience may require three builders in just two months and another may only necessitate one builder over a week. Fortunately, In April 2022 we published the first-ever rate report from builders to establish a baseline of prices. Thousands of builders around the world have used that data to adjust and confidently price their services for brands. Now with our 2023 report, we aim to establish AVERAGE costs for asset creation and experiences inside the top eight virtual worlds. We’ve facilitated hundreds of successful builds on our marketplace and have identified the top builders across the most popular. In early December, we surveyed those builders and saw a record response rate that included details of their deliverables for brands. Adding this data to our 2022 report will help thousands of studios, individual builders, and brands around the globe to transact with confidence.

Here’s a glimpse of the metaverse construction market analysis for 2023:

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We couldn’t be more excited to share this data as we believe knowledge is power in a burgeoning industry. These value reports have the capacity to propel web3 building to new levels. As a community-driven company since August 2021, we prioritize accessibility and builders can chat with our team directly. If you are a new builder interested in getting to work on SandStorm, join our Discord or ping us on Twitter DMs or Discord!

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