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The Radar Leaderboard – Ranking The World’s Top 100 Metaverse Builders

We’re excited to announce the official beta launch of The Radar leaderboard to further empower individual metaverse builders and studios. As we continue to establish the construction market for the open metaverse, it’s important to highlight the best of the best builders. The Radar aims to not only showcase the world’s 100 most active and skilled 3D builders across all the top metaverses, but The Radar will provide exposure and unparalleled access to the metaverse for individuals and studios alike.

The Radar Leaderboard

Our goal with The Radar launch is to weave together all the pieces of SandStorm into one central place to reward the best builders across the entire open metaverse. (Build proposals, contest submissions, voting in contests, sharing, engagement, etc) The leaderboard is super dynamic and changes daily based on metrics such as LIKES, DAILY LOGINS, BIDS, VOTES, and much more. To keep the leaderboard consistently dynamic and to even the playing field for everyone, builder profiles lose power (Thunder) every day, and rankings change on The Radar. Maintaining your profile and staying engaged on the marketplace as an individual builder or studio has now become super important to growing your business on SandStorm.

Having the leaderboard be so dynamic with builders gaining and losing Thunder each day allows top creators (either new or old) in The Sandbox metaverse to be ranked next to top creators in SPACE, TCG World, Decentraland, or any open metaverse. Now that The Radar spans across the entire open metaverse and will always be agnostic to virtual worlds, all builders have access to new opportunities. Being ranked in the top 1% or 10% on the leaderboard provides extreme exposure, exclusive access, new functionality, and dramatically more opportunities on the marketplace.

For brands and agencies on the SandStorm marketplace, you can now quickly find the top builders across any open metaverse to accommodate your construction needs.

How The Radar Leaderboard Works

The leaderboard rankings are split into 3 segments of builders all based on engagement levels and proof of work completion (BOLTS). The top 1%, the top 10%, and everyone else ranked on The Radar. When ranked in one of these 3 segments, builders unlock unique functionality on the SandStorm marketplace.

– The top 1% of ranked profiles gain exclusive platform access and can be badged as ELITE
– The top 10% of ranked profiles gain specific platform access to proposals on the marketplace
– The remaining 90% of ranked profiles gain specific platform access to proposals and events in the metaverse

All Radar leaderboard-ranked profiles with Thunder (ST) gain exclusive platform functionality To make The Radar the central location for aggregating builder data across the entire open metaverse, there are 2 other key ingredients: Thunder and Elite Badges.

What is Thunder?

With the launch of The Radar leaderboard, we’re releasing the SandStorm credit system on the marketplace called Thunder. Thunder is the platform’s way of accurately tracking builder engagement across the top metaverses and it is intentionally not connected to any blockchain (web2). Think of Thunder as a point-based system without any monetary value that grants your SandStorm profile access to new functionality and opportunity as you accumulate more. When Thunder accumulates on a profile, it improves the profile’s rank on The Radar leaderboard and opens the door to new powerful opportunities daily on the marketplace.

What are ELITE Badges?

The top 1% of builders ranked on the Radar leaderboard and own at least 1 BOLT on their profile are badged as ELITE on the marketplace. These individuals and studios have unique superpowers across the entire marketplace. When an ELITE badge is gained not only does this profile have exclusive access to the top proposals and features on SandStorm’s marketplace, but this has to be EARNED. This makes ELITE badges the highest status symbol across the entire SandStorm marketplace. ELITE builders unlock the most access to functionality, new worlds, new tools, and most importantly this badge cannot be purchased or transferred.

To learn more and ask any questions about The Radar, Thunder or Elite badges, join our Discord HERE