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Businesses, agencies, and brands of all sizes can easily submit a proposal on our marketplace to start building across the open metaverse

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Submit a build proposal to the marketplace and 3D builders will bid for the work based on to their skills, reviews, and virtual world preferences


Home to over 3,000 verified metaverse builders, brands of all sizes can search, hire, and communicate directly with the world’s best on-demand 3D builders


Our dedicated brand account managers help with file formats, asset transfers, project updates, and ensure all project funds are protected


Once a build proposal is completed, brand’s can promote their project to metaverse native users on our discovery page, featured collections, and builder profiles

How It Works

For 3D Builders

Join the largest community of 3D builders to find relevant metaverse building projects that match your skills and software preferences.


Builders can create a free profile, get verified to upload your best 3D metaverse creations to stand out, and bid on qualified build proposals

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Verified individual builders and development studios can bid on qualified brand proposals, get hired, communicate directly, and increase their income via the marketplace


Eliminate the risk of dealing with insolvent brand clients. Every build proposal is prepaid, securely held by SandStorm, and paid out as soon as the build is completed successfully


Once a build has been completed, both the brand and builders review the transaction, profiles are updated with the completed work, and payments are released

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