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Make Better Data-Driven Decisions

By tying every action within your game experience to a human in one simple platform, it’s now easier to measure the direct impact of gaming

Hire on-demand game developers from our talent marketplace, and communicate directly, all from one dashboard.

Gain deep insights from all your customers, users, and players to truly measure the ROI of developing an immersive gaming experience.

Skyrocket user engagement and customer retention with automation flows and integrations based entirely on user behavior. 

Designed For Non-Technical Teams

With a simple line of code embedded on your website, non-technical teams can easily start tracking user behavior that drives growth.

Leverage our deep analytics, exclusive reports, network of partnerships, case studies, and developer interviews to optimize your gaming experience.

Get proactive error alerts and connect multiple data sources to get a single source of truth. Learn how your ads impacts product KPIs and begin to understand LTV and RoAS

A/B test different user flows to see which sequences work best. Segment your users based on common behaviors, personalize messaging, and improve engagement.

Track user paths from signup to when a new feature is adopted. Find and remove bottlenecks to increase both overall engagement and power users.

Easily run reports and pull structured or unstructured data into your own systems for custom reporting.

From in-game purchases to receipt validation, get the full view of your user’s spending behavior and optimize your monetization strategy.

We take pride in our award-winning customer support and we’re excited to support the most popular game engines soon.

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