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Develop, optimize, and scale revenue with immersive gaming experiences in minutes, instead of months

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Simple setup with deep insights

Create custom dashboards to track all your KPIs

A/B tests and monitor performance in real-time

Compare data and setup user behavior-based triggers

Multi-channel attribution to track successful marketing

Hire on-demand game developers for fast iterations

Optimize and find power players in minutes

Join the world's leading studios who use Sandstorm to learn more about their players, cut out the guesswork, and improve KPIs.

Supporting the top platforms and integrations

Whether you’re building with Unity, Godot Engine, Unreal Engine – or even your own platform – we’ve got you covered on all fronts with analytics

Get started with one line of code!

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Monitor user behavior and find game design issues

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Drill down into your events and run growth experiments

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Centralize all your insights in one simple dashboard

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Enter the gaming universe

with confidence

Our talent marketplace has over 3,000 verified game developers to support the development of your ideas. The timeframe from discovering important features to development is now minutes, not months.

Hire award-winning game developers to act quickly as your team discovers highly engaging content. Empower your team with on-demand support for integrations, full game experience development, high earning in-game assets, and much more

Simple metrics for teams

of all sizes

With the award winning metrics dashboard all your key data is in one place. All your data is 100% safe, never locked away, and is easy to understand. Easily pull structured or unstructured data into your own systems for custom processing and reporting.

Get a deeper understanding of the gaming industry with our reports, tracking guides, insightful case studies, exclusive studio interviews, and relevant market commentary.

Trusted, secure, and stable

Expert Onboarding & Support

Award winning customer support and expert onboarding.

Unparalleled Stability & Security

99% uptime ensuring uninterrupted reports and access to your data

Trusted by thousands of Businesses

Our technology has helped generate over $10 Billion in sales volume

G2 reviews

With millions of tracked events daily our award winning analytics are trusted by the best of the best.

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