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Top Metaverse Builder Studios Today

Several metaverse builder studios are contributing to the development of the metaverse. In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of some of these builder studios and their contributions to the growth of the metaverse.

Top 10 metaverse builder studios 


Cubix is a US-based IT company that offers metaverse game development. This company uses modern technology to build Blockchain games. 

One such game the team created is Micropet runner. Players can use their character in this game to scale past monsters and other obstacles. Players can also collect coins as a reward while maneuvering through the game. While at it, they can grab some power-ups, which could improve their performance.

Blockchain gaming is not the only area that Cubix focuses its attention on. It also specializes in building enterprise-grade software for businesses.

Keruvu games

Keruvu is a game-building platform that aims to adopt new ways to build a virtual world. The company boasts over 400 game builders and 10 years of experience in game design. 

In addition, the company’s game-building team has created handcrafted 2D and 3D art assets. These professionals have designed over 50 projects for their growing clients. 

Keruvu seeks talented builders and creative team members. These individuals must be eager to learn new ways to create stunning projects. Some of their partners include Epic games, EA, Good Game studios, Bandai Namco, etc.

Suffesrcom Solution Inc

Sufferescom Solution is among the leading companies building high-quality metaverse and Blockchain games. The company’s highly proficient team is ready to provide clients with tools and technology to build a metaverse project. 

It has embarked on over 150 Blockchain projects to attest to the company’s proficiency. Even after working on many projects, Sufferscom has not received any negative reviews. Instead, it received positive reviews from review platforms like Clutch and Goodfirms. 

Asides from building metaverse experiences, Sufferscom solutions also offers other tech services. These services include business consultation services, cryptocurrency solutions, and AR/VR-related services for creating immersive metaverse experiences.

Metaventure studio

Metaventure studio is a metaverse-building firm specializing in games and experiences. The firm claimed to have helped different companies build over 500 metaverse projects. 

Hence, they have helped several brands establish a virtual presence in the metaverse. More so, they help engage the users of those brands to know what they want, ultimately propelling their growth into the future.

Due to the abundance of builders available, they claimed to have over 100 years of experience in building metaverse experiences. Some of their experiences are spectacular and engaging, allowing them to add value to the metaverse and draw more people into it.


Metaskins is a Colombian company that customizes NFTs for metaverse platforms. The studio helps brands to personalize their digital wearables, custom infrastructure, and other metaverse events. 

With a year of experience creating 3D avatars, the studio is ready to help anyone build their metaverse experience. The team comprises skilled builders ready to help you actualize your project. Whether you want to develop a video game, an NFT, or other related services, Metaskins has the infrastructure for such projects.

Some of their works involve building metaverse events such as Bare knuckles, Championship Fight Night, etc. 

Furthermore, they have partnered with Oculus, Puma, Decentraland, Lime Wire, etc.

Yord Studios

David Marak is the CTO and co-founder of this metaverse builder studio. Yord Studio claims to be among the top three metaverse agencies in the world. Even more, it has completed over 60 metaverse projects. 

Therefore, it has worked with new and long-existing metaverse brands on multiple projects that concern immersive reality.

Yord Studio’s specialization areas include 360° video capture, post-production services, 3D visualization, Metaverse content, etc.

TerraZero Studio

TerraZero is a Canadian metaverse company with offices in Decentraland, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox. Because of its passion for the metaverse, the company focuses on acquiring, financing, and developing metaverse projects.

The company studio serves as a vehicle to build and deploy metaverse experiences for brands globally. 

Cominted Labs

This company is a full fledge metaverse builder studio that aids brands in entering the metaverse by co-creating 3D experiences. Also, Cominted Labs helps brands grow their business by applying cutting-edge metaverse technology.

Recently, Cominted Labs collaborated with TCG world. This collaboration has resulted in building unique creatures, such as dragons, for the virtual world. Cominted Labs is also one of Sandstorm’s clients and has its builder page here.

Metaxu studio 

Metaxu studio is a metaverse company operating in the UK. It specializes in metaverse architecture, building virtual worlds, experience designing, and storytelling. 

The company believes it researches and develops frameworks to build virtual environments and immersive experiences. These immersive experiences make the metaverse valuable in healthcare, education, research, and entertainment.

Metaverse development studio

This metaverse builder studio creates 3D products for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mobile apps, and games. It boasts 15 years of experience in costume design and creative services. Some of their services include medical VR, metaverse experiences, metaverse architecture, Blockchain game creation, etc.

At Sandstorm, we are happy to work with metaverse builder studios in creating immersive virtual experiences. Our professional builders are always available to help build experiences best suited for your target audience. Also, we have partnered with The Sandbox, Decentraland, and TCG World to give our builders a robust framework.


The list of metaverse builder studios today is inexhaustible. Other studios are equally contributing toward building the metaverse. Each performs its role to help brands and users find their place within virtual worlds.

Regardless of how young and relatively new the metaverse is, it is growing. Different entities across the world ensure that growth continues to accelerate. As we see both new and existing metaverse builder studios play their part, it is only a matter of time before the metaverse becomes a household name.