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Building in the metaverse: Hiring creators

Metaverse creators are professionals who design and develop virtual worlds, metaverse games, and platforms. These developers are tasked with designing and offering game services. In addition to game services, they create marketplaces where players can buy or sell game assets and more. They further work at improving the quality of their creations.

Why do you need metaverse creators?

Researchers believe that 30% of companies will have products or services in the metaverse. This might happen in the next 5 years or less. As a result, companies need creators to build elements that make up their platform’s ecosystem. These creators render help at different project stages, from the planning to the concluding phase. It helps brands save costs by not spending beyond their budget.

Furthermore, metaverse builders render services that connect e-commerce and the metaverse for brands. This would help boost the market of these brands. Also, they build different metaverse experiences for companies and brands. The next part of the article discusses some services that these metaverse creators render. Understanding these services will help brands identify the type of builders they need.

Services that metaverse creators render

Before a brand can hire creators, they need to know some services that such developers offer. Here are some of such services.

Social media metaverse: this platform can help brands advertise their products to the target audience. After all, the audience can learn more about companies’ products and services. Even more, the social media metaverse serves as an avenue for consumers to interact with each other.

Marketing: professional metaverse developers can help companies draw customers’ attention to their products.

Marketplace: brands need a metaverse developing team to help build marketplaces. This virtual environment allows users to gather and purchase or sell digital goods.

Gaming: metaverse engineers can help gaming companies engage players with immersive gaming experiences. Also, creating the opportunity for players to earn virtual assets through Blockchain technology.

Decentralized services: metaverse creators can design a decentralized platform that offers different services. Some of these services include socializing, gaming, shopping, etc.

Decentralized applications: software engineers create varieties of decentralized applications. Some of these applications serve as a gateway to the metaverse. Players can access the metaverse via these applications installed on their electronic devices.

Skills that brands could expect from metaverse creators

Meanwhile, knowing the services that metaverse developer renders is one thing; understanding the skill they must possess is another. Thus, analyzing the skill of a metaverse builder will help you match the services required. Before hiring creators, check out some professional skills you or your brand might require.


Microsoft developed C# (C-Sharp), a programming language that operates on .Net framework. You can use C# to create different applications such as websites, mobile and desktop apps, etc.


This is a high-level programming and coding language. Programmers use this to create operating systems, in-game programming, data structure, etc.


This is an open-source, embeddable language that supports multiple programming functions. The software enables programmers to design real database management apps. Lua is also applicable in creating games with high graphics. Roblox is one of such popular game where Lau is applicable.


This open-source software is free to access and capable of creating 3D graphics. This tool also aids users in modeling, sculpturing, rendering, and texturing 3D animations.

Besides this software, there are other tools that builders should familiarize themselves with. Advanced tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine can be highly beneficial to creators. Ethereum, a leading Blockchain, can help you to create metaverse applications.

Brands and companies might find some other information as an added advantage to creators who have them. Some of these are Knowledge of cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence AI. Others are machine learning, virtual, and augmented reality.

Where to look when hiring creators


Sandstorm is an excellent platform where brand and content creators can meet. The sandstorm team designed the platform for individuals and studios building in the metaverse. Therefore, brands can submit their proposal and then proceed to fund them. Once the platform approves the project, it can go publicly or privately. In the public proposal, you’ll have to accept bids from builders. Whereas in private, you can invite builders for your project.

Moreover, brands can use the dashboard to relate their visions to builders. In a similar manner, they can hire builders directly. Remember, you can hire builders based on their review, skills, uploaded assets, and completed BOLT. BOLT is a transaction badge that represents the project, generated after approving funds and proposals


LinkedIn is a platform where job finders post their resume used for career development. Aside from job seeking and posting, you can use it for professional networking.
Brands can find a large number of individuals or groups with talents here. Although not all are suitable for the job, they can find prominent prospective candidates. You can post a job offer and wait for candidates to apply. If it is not feasible, you can get a recruiter to help you find suitable candidates.

Staff augmentation firms

Staff augmentation involves hiring certified talent from other firms to complete your project. This method is quite efficient since the team proffers solutions using different technologies. Eventually, the technology meets the necessary demand when the project is concluded.

The process is simple and fast since other firms will source qualified professionals for you. So contact such companies, as they might offer you top talents in their team.

Closing remarks

Hiring creators and builders are possible depending on a brand’s methods. Once brands identify the developing team that suits their project, they can proceed to hire them. This article has explained different ways to hire professional creators.
Sandstorm invites brands and creators to its platform. Here they can meet, build and expand the metaverse.