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We’ve Raised A $2.5 Million Seed Round

We’re excited to announce that SandStorm has closed our first round of funding from all-star Web3 investors to help connect brands and metaverse builders.

When we launch the first-ever active social hub in The Sandbox on September 1st, 2021 we knew the Sandbox community would support us but we had no idea how crazy the last 6 months would be. The #SANDFAM community of The Sandbox has been extremely supportive every step of the way. From testing our private beta to attending our weekly events to entering our monthly builder competitions.

To give more context on the rate of growth we’ve been trying to accommodate when we started the goal was to do 1 live stream every 2 weeks…
After 1 week based on inbound requests, we had to increase to 1 live stream per week.
After 1 month based on inbound, we had to increase to 2 streams per week.
Now we stream 5 times per week with 3 professional live streamers and are booked out for 2 months.

The SandStorm team grew from 4 people in September 2021 to 15 people in March 2022. While producing the weekly live streams we built out our beta platform entirely following our community’s feedback. We truly have taken a community-first approach with all our beta platform’s features and we will ask the community consistently what they want to see improved, forever.

SandStorm is the largest weekly live event in the Metaverse reaching over 3 million people per month across our channels and we’re just now launching. This shows the level of support we’ve received pre-launch and we’re excited to continue to share updates with the community. That all being said, this is a list of the amazing seed round investors that have been behind the scenes helping us for the last 3 months.

These investors will continue to help shape the entire metaverse landscape with us and we encourage everyone to check them out:

Sanctor Capital

The Sandbox

Founder of Sandbox Sebastien Borget (angel investor)

Fenbushi Capital

Rarestone Capital

Youbi Capital

GBV Capital

Umbrella Network

Kerve Capital


Bitscale Capital



Bryce Baker (angel investor)

John Tabatabai (angel investor)

When you have time, we encourage the community to go through and research each of these investors above as this is a historic moment for the decentralized metaverse.

Now with our seed round closed and one of the most prestigious law firms in the NFT space Fisher Broyles on board, we’re on a path towards becoming a key pillar to a $1 trillion metaverse industry over the next five years. By bringing top brands into the space and connecting them with the best-verified metaverse NFT builders we’re at a critical crossroads for adoption. To become the most trusted platform for brands to connect with builders to see what’s possible, we went through a full smart contract audit by our partner (and best audit firm in web3) Certik before launching the private beta. You can follow the 24/7 security monitoring HERE

We’re just getting started and couldn’t be happier to have amazing partners, investors, and a strong community of builders on board.

If you’re brand learn more about our packages HERE

If you’re an amazing metaverse builder signup HERE

If you’re interested in learning about what’s going with the metaverse, tune in every day at 12pm EST to our platform for live streams with top brands and builders HERE