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SandStorm’s Beta Launch At This Year’s SXSW Interactive Expo

After building the SandStorm beta platform for over 6 months behind the scenes of our weekly streams we’re excited to be launching at SXSW 2022 at booth 833

With some of the most well-known tech launches happening at SXSW’s famous conferences including Twitter and Airbnb, we’ve spent months planning our debut. SXSW is the perfect launchpad for SandStorm because it’s known for merging music, art, entertainment, and technology. These are all important industries that will play a key role in growing metaverse adoption.

SandStorm team members are flying in from all over to demo the beta IRL for thousands of brands at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Expo. Below you can see the little red dot which is where our booth will be throughout the conference.

SandStorm will be showcasing in the red booth 833 at SXSW

There will be a lot of buzz around the metaverse given the brands that have entered the metaverse in the last 6 months including Dolly Parton and JP Morgan. Importantly one of our investors and the Founder of Sandbox Sebastien Borget is speaking on March 16th at SXSW about the metaverse. Our goal is to promote the amazing 200 builders actively minting on the beta platform and give the world a taste of the metaverse.

We’re going to be attending popup events all over Austin, TX, representing the SANDFAM, and would love to meet anyone from the community, so feel free to stop by and say hello to grab a button or sticker!

If you’re a builder sign up for the beta HERE

If you’re a brand and want to enter the metaverse, learn more HERE