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Building in the metaverse: A new type of job

The metaverse is a collective word for 3D virtual worlds filled with immersive experiences. As of today, the metaverse is still in its growing stage. A growing city needs architects and builders to plan and build it into the right shape. Similarly, the metaverse and all the virtual worlds that form it need the services of artists. The job of such artists is to design or build the digital experiences that people will interact with in the metaverse.

In this article, you will learn what building in the metaverse involves, how rewarding the job can be and how to become a metaverse builder.

Why there are opportunities to build in the metaverse

The introduction of virtual lands and digital real estate brought the need to build in the metaverse. We won’t need metaverse builders if virtual worlds were pre-developed and developers created everything in metaverse worlds. However, that is not the case.

Metaverse platforms are empty at launch. Users will then buy virtual land and develop it by building digital structures on it. As hundreds and thousands of users buy lands and develop them, metaverse platforms become populated and become beautiful digital cities filled with activities, games, and fun.

When users or brands buy virtual land, many do so to develop such property. Companies may plan to create a virtual replica of their head office on their virtual land. Also, they may build unique experiences mainly to tell their brand’s story or to educate visitors about their products. Meanwhile, users may build simple structures or even create games on their virtual lands.

Whether brands or individuals, they will need the services of experts to build the most captivating experiences. Thus, the job of a metaverse builder is to create metaverse scenes like games, metaverse shopping outlets, digital houses and offices, parks, etc.

There is an increasing demand for individuals with the necessary skill sets to build in the metaverse. This demand exists because multiple brands have seen the metaverse as a new way to market their products and attract more customers. Accordingly, they continue to host virtual events or even build an experience representing their permanent presence in the metaverse (e.g., Sotheby’s auction house in Decentraland).

What building in the metaverse involves

Now that you know why building in the metaverse is an in-demand skill, you want to know what this type of job involves. As a metaverse builder, your roles are not far-fetched.

The job of a metaverse builder is to design the experiences, games, parks, and buildings that metaverse visitors or users interact with. When a user enters a virtual world, he probably starts his journey at one edge of the digital city. As such a user moves around in the digital world, he will come across buildings, shopping outlets, metaverse games, and even virtual arcades. Those scenes and locations are what a metaverse builder designs.

Moreover, every shopping outlet, arcade, or game should have avatars that act as permanent occupants and are constantly present. A metaverse builder will create and animate those avatars as part of the experience he is building.

In addition, brands could hire a metaverse builder to create one-time virtual events on virtual land. For instance, Nike could hire you to design a location for its virtual event. In such cases, your focus will be to build something temporary yet enticing. Such brands will want a location that tells their story and informs visitors about their products.

How to get those opportunities

Building in the metaverse presents multiple opportunities. Every builder must also determine how they will get those opportunities and use them. When starting as a metaverse builder, you may work alone or as a team. At the same time, you could work full-time with one brand or sell your skill to any brand as a freelancer.

If you choose to work with a brand, there are possibilities that you will work with others as a team. Therefore, you must develop teamwork skills. Brands that hire a full-time builder will most likely have a permanent experience in one or more metaverse platforms. So, your everyday tasks will range from fixing bugs, if any, to reshaping the digital experience and adding new features.

Meanwhile, as a freelance builder, you might get job offers from brands or apply for them. It is vital to set up a profile on social media, create a landing page and add a link to a prototype or your previous jobs. The prototype lets a potential employer know your abilities and skills to ascertain if you are a fit for the job.

Working as a freelance builder

Freelance builders can chase jobs on their own or join an agency for metaverse builders. To get jobs on your own, follow the tips mentioned above by setting up a great social media profile and a landing page. Likewise, you could reach out to brands, show them what you have built before, and inquire if they need your services.

However, when you join a metaverse builders agency, things get much more straightforward. Sandstorm is one such agency that opens the door to greater opportunities. Building in the metaverse involves two significant participants. The first part is a brand, company, or individual looking to create a metaverse experience. Secondly, a builder with the skills to make such virtual scenes happen.

Sandstorm is an agency that connects a brand and a builder. Here, we have a community of builders that can build the best scenes for your brand’s digital presence. Also, brands that plan to roll out a collection of 3D assets can hire the best creators from Sandstorm.

If building in the metaverse sounds like an excellent career, create a builder profile on Sandstorm and join our Discord channel to understand further how we operate. Entering the metaverse industry as a builder puts you at the forefront of a growing industry, and Sandstorm can help you expand your new career.