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Making a living as a metaverse builder 

The metaverse offers lots of opportunities for builders to earn a living. Builders who seize these opportunities can earn maximally from the experiences they build. The purpose of this article is to help builders see various avenues to earn a living in the metaverse. However, the article will first explain some challenges metaverse builders must overcome. Tackling these challenges makes it easy for them to connect to users.

Obstacles metaverse builders must overcome

The metaverse is supposed to be virtual worlds where users can gain access quickly. In addition, users shouldn’t need coding skills, expensive plots of land, and technical knowledge to explore immersive virtual worlds.

Builders can create experiences based on their preferred tastes. Thereby offering users virtual world elements such as spaces, materials, avatars, artifacts, etc. While they offer these services, they earn reasonable income in return.

Here are some challenges that metaverse builders must overcome

Expensive equipment

Builders who create their experiences in an existing popular metaverse platform realize that users might need virtual reality headsets such as HTC Vive to assess the metaverse. Some of this headset cost several hundred dollars. Thus, people in developing countries might not have access to or means to purchase these devices. This also limits the number of users who visit these platforms. 

High cost of virtual land

Obtaining plots of land on some metaverse platforms might be cheap, but getting users to visit it after building might be a strenuous task because such platforms are unpopular. At the same time, the high cost of land on popular metaverse platforms prevents builders from buying one. This, in turn, limits the ways builders can explore the metaverse and build experiences with new technologies.

Competition among top metaverse brands

Builders who work for famous brands sometimes are overwhelmed with tasks from their employers, especially when such companies have to keep up or be ahead of emerging competitors.

Those three are among the many other challenges that metaverse builders must overcome. Regardless of those issues, a lot of opportunities still exist for builders.

How metaverse builders can earn a living

Creating experiences on existing metaverse platforms

Considering the challenges and amount of technologies metaverse builders need to create a platform from scratch, they would rather join an existing virtual world. After building an experience, you must attract users. Perhaps you plan to use an advertisement, engage with existing communities, or offer collectibles. Your goal is to draw the attention of users to your experience. Builders can also offer user membership or make other monetization options available.

Furthermore, builders must comprehend the relationship between their virtual experiences and the real world. Mutual interaction between these makes it more engaging for users. Once many users begin to visit your experience, your earnings will increase.

For instance, ICE poker, a popular gaming experience on Decentraland, attracts around 6000 players monthly. The metaverse casino also made $7.5 million in three months. Interestingly, it is a free-to-play game. However, users need a wearable that they can either buy or hire to begin playing.

Similarly, metaverse builders must be creative in attracting users to their experience. They need to create games or scenes that are easily accessible and filled with activities. Therefore whether your experience is about travel, shopping, education, etc., it should be activity-oriented.

Building for brands

Our previous article discussed some ways in which brands can hire creators. Granted, getting a job as a new metaverse builder might be challenging. Thus joining a team might be helpful. After all, a team can get jobs done faster and more effectively, attracting more clients and references.

As you gain more experience, you will eventually become a professional builder. Your experience will also help you gain the attention of notable brands. Working for brands can afford builders opportunities to earn a significant income.

Sandstorm has the largest community of metaverse builders. The platform connects brands directly to builders who join this community. Demonstrating your skills to the team might present you with greater opportunities.

Engaging in builder contests

Sandstorm regularly holds builders contests. Here talented metaverse builders can show off their building skills and stand a chance to win rewards. Please visit the Sandstorm Contest page to enter any ongoing contests. 

Builders can enter the Decentraland contest, The Sandbox contest, or both. Although some of the contests are closed, others are still ongoing.

For example, Sandbox contest #21 – “Hold the doooooo” is about to conclude. Builders have the objective of creating a scene from a fortress siege. They should note that the maximum size of their scene must be 512×512×512 voxels. While the animation must run for a minimum of 8 minutes, there is no limit to the number of nodes. Moreover, ten winners will emerge and will share 5000 SAND.

As a skillful creator, Sandstorm invites you to join the contest. If your project is unique and receives the highest vote, you stand a chance to win.

As the metaverse takes a better shape, more earning opportunities will arise for creators. In the meantime, builders should continue to harness and improve their skills to the best of their ability while using available opportunities to build and earn.


Increased adoption of the metaverse will bring about the creation of new blockchain-based metaverse platforms and increase the user base of existing ones. Thereby providing better ways in which builders can render their services. Sandstorm provides various ways for creators to show off their proficiency and earn a living as metaverse builders.