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The SandStorm Builder Highlights Collection on Sandbox Marketplace

We’re excited to share that our official collection that aims to highlight top metaverse builders is going live on Sandbox’s Marketplace on February 28th, 2022! The collection will be entirely comprised of ongoing work by builders that stand out on our platform. Everything from weapons, characters, and contest winners. This collection is the bridge between our community and the Sandbox’s marketplace directly. Builders from all over the world now have the opportunity to showcase their work on SandStorm’s platform for a chance to be featured on our Sandbox Marketplace collection.

The first collection was put together by some incredible builders and we want to share their stories with each collection release moving forward. Supporting the builders of the metaverse by connecting them with brands is a core value at SandStorm so we will be linking to their profile on our platform to give them additional visibility.

There are the brave builders who we’ve collaborated with on the first SandStorm collection:

Builder 1: GameDizzy has been part of the SandStorm team for over a month now and led the charge to get this first collection live with Sandbox! He interviews incredible projects on the SandStorm’s weekly live streams as well as his own awesome Twitch channel. We’re excited to share that Dizzy is our Chief Builder Officer who will be spearheading the builds inside and outside the SandStorm social hub for our partners.
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Builder 2: Nirvex is a lifelong gamer and freelance artist based in Cape Coral, FL. He enjoys playing MMORPGs, The Sandbox Game, and making new friends. His previous experience included creating game art for various clients. He has experience working with stock photography, vector, 3d art, and now voxel creations. He is looking forward to what the metaverse will bring with Play to Earn possibilities.
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Builder 3: SparkySnikle found The Sandbox Game in October of 2021, and was immediately drawn to the idea of creating. Decades spent learning graphics programs, and developing a love of digital art, set the stage for a new passion in 3D art and animation. She tries to spend any available time in the community learning and hoping to help others.
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Builder 4: Brian1618 lives in Austria and is a passionate level designer, game developer, and 3D artist with incredible talent.
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Builder 5: AMA – Abstract artist from Slovakia who is paintings mainly on canvas/leather/denim in love with creating voxel art and architecture.
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If you are a builder looking to be highlighted in our future collections be sure to signup for the SandStorm beta, complete your profile on ETH and MATIC, share your work on Twitter, and grow your following on SandStorm. More exciting updates are on their way for this builder collection on the Sandbox Marketplace so be sure to join Discord to follow updates!

Our team has been working around the clock to make this happen and one thing we know for certain is that 2022 is going to be an amazing year for builders on SandStorm’s platform!

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