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SandStorm partners with the leading smart contract auditing firm Certik

We’re excited to share the SandStorm beta platform smart contracts are live on Certik and passed with flying colors. We’ve been building our platform metaverse NFT platform since September 2021 and can’t wait for the community to test it out. Over the last 3 months, we’ve been working with a handful of amazing beta testers as well as Certik the auditing firm to be the most trusted platform possible for brands.

Our goal has been to position SandStorm as the most trusted platform where brands can signup, learn, and connect with the best-verified metaverse builders. To be “trusted” you need to be transparent and getting a full audit of our smart contracts was a top priority.

Certik audits everything from DAO, exchanges, tokens, DEXs, to protocols and beyond. As a marketplace platform providing users with the security of knowing their data and assets are safe was very important to us as a team. As a quick overview, Certik does an initial audit and shares it with you to address any minor or major issues. Fortunately, we worked with a team of the world’s best blockchain developers so any issues the audit initially found were addressed quickly.

After the initial audit was resolved by our team we were deployed onto what called “skynet” the Certik 24/7 monitoring platform. Everyone from Sandbox to Polygon has had audits done by Certik and are actively being monitored on the same platform. Actively monitoring security is extremely important in the Web3 space and will remain a driving component to all successful businesses.

This is the matrix Certik uses when monitoring each project:

One fun part about the 24/7 monitoring is the social sentiment of each project with a word web. This is what the monitoring platform showed we discuss the most on our Twitter:

To read through the full audit and to follow the 24/7 monitoring check out our awesome Certik profile HERE

Stay safe out there everyone!