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The Stormchaser Metaverse Builder Referral Program is LIVE

We’re extremely excited to share that we’ve launched our official referral metaverse builder program to further empower builders. Since day one we’ve set out to help builders connect with brands, showcase their builds, and build a business on our platform. Now builders can FINALLY refer other builders and get credit for it!

This has been easily the most requested feature from the community over the last 6 months so we’re excited to have deployed a full leaderboard and referral system unique to EACH builder.

Why do referrals matter? As the largest builder community in The Sandbox and now Decentraland we’re focused on quality over quantity. It’s vital to the open metaverse construction market that we maintain the best of the best builders on the platform. Our mission through referrals is to help curate the best of the best.

With the release of build proposals on the marketplace we have brands referring other brands and now its time for builders to gain some benefit for signing up their friends!

How it works

Simply log in to your SandStorm account with Metamask and go to . This can be accessed by the dropdown menu at the top right under your profile picture. Once you’re on the referral leaderboard page copy and paste your custom link to share with friends across your social media, email, text messages, etc. To make sure you get credit for every referral, the special link tracks fellow builder signups for an unlimited amount of time after a referred friend clicks. Rank on the top of the referral leaderboard to obtain points and exclusive prizes. MUCH more coming around this over the next few months.

This is the new landing page on every builders profile page:

To lay a proper foundation with incentives for our power users we developed 4 tiers for our strongest ambassadors! Each tier has a special perk associated with it that unlocks when you reach it. Our team brainstormed for weeks with builders and we came up with 4 different USABLE NFTs for The Sandbox metaverse alongside badges, access to channels, collections, and more. We’ll be releasing more usable NFTs in multiple metaverses the top Stormchasers over the next 6 months.

Each of the 4 levels of the Stormchaser program will be given a special badge granting access to exclusive features.

These different assets have been designed by incredible builders on our platform.

Each level gains different access and Stormchasers that reach KING BUILDER status will receive $1,000 USDC when verified by our team. A bigger leaderboard with more details is coming soon to reward the top referring builders even further so stay tuned.