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What is Illuvium?

Illuvium is a decentralized role-playing game to be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The co-founders Kieran and Aaron Warwick are yet to announce the game release date. Yet, they assure that the game is worth the wait as it will deliver an outstanding gaming experience.

In April 2021, the Illuvium project ended its initial coon offering (ICO) after raising $51.64 million. Its gameplay will provide an immersive experience to lovers of online gaming while receiving crypto assets as rewards.

This article will provide detailed information about Illuvium and what to expect when the game goes live.

How Illuvium works

The game set starts with a player finding himself on a strange planet with a hostile environment, extreme weather conditions, and strange creatures called Illuvial.

As you roam the planet, you could capture these deity-like creatures, mint them into NFTs and store them in your wallets. Also, you can use these creatures to battle other players. However, success in a battle depends on the class of an Illuvial and its affinities.

Thus, if you doubt the power of a single Illuvial, you can merge two of them and upgrade them into a single but more powerful creature.

Illuvials are valuable since you can sell them or purchase them from other players. Interestingly, there are over 100 Illuvials to capture.

Therefore, some players can play the game full time by searching for Illuvials that match, training them, and fusing them into single powerful creatures. On the other hand, you may choose to enter the arena and battle other players to win their Illuvials or sell yours for a higher price.

Types of Illuvials

These beasts can be classified into four categories: Rogue, Fighter, Psion, and Empath. Also, Illuvials are drawn to five elements, including Air, Fire, Water, Nature, and Earth.

Meanwhile, Ascends are hybrid Illuvials obtained from combining two Illuvials and their elements. For example, a Fighter and a rogue Illuvial combination form a Slayer.

Similarly, fusing an Illuvial with Air elements with that of Water will create a frost Illuvial. Players should note that how they combine these creatures will determine the outcome of a battle.

How to play Illuvium

Firstly, players may customize their role-playing avatar and choose a drone that will help in mining in-game items. Mining shards and minerals will help to proceed to the next level.

Otherwise, a player might be stuck to the basic level. Going forward, you will need to make some purchases. Without some items, you might be able to access some regions in Illuvium.

Next, you can proceed to explore the world and capture as many beasts as you can. You will need the mineral resources mined earlier to build weapons and armor.

Lovers of aesthetics can customize their weapons with gemstones and crystals. Noteworthily, Illuvials cannot level up unless you use them to fight battles.  

Factors to consider before you battle an Illuvial are its type, affinity, and level within the game. Also, paying to obtain items or mining items for upgrading an Illuvial can give you the upper hand. Otherwise, you could be defeated and lose your fighting beast.

Once the battle begins, your beast can attack and assault its opponent, which will help it generate energy. Further, as the fight progresses, you can harness enough energy to activate the ultimate ability of an Illuvial. This ability helps in defeating your opponent.

If you defeat an Illuvial, you’ll recover a crystal shard that captures the defeated creature. Afterward, you can use it to battle and capture more beasts. Remember, you would need a powerful shard to capture Illuvials, or the defeated creature could escape.

Illuvium Marketplace

IlluviDEX is an NFT marketplace that a DAO governs. Players can exchange assets like skins, Illuvials, armor, weapons, etc., on this marketplace. In addition, they can trade Illuvium’s NFTs on universal marketplaces.

Illuvium tokens

ILV and silver are the cryptocurrencies created for the Illuvium ecosystem in general. ILV is a governance token that runs on the Ethereum network. Meanwhile, sILV (synthetic ILV) serves as an exchange currency.

Uses of ILV within Illuvium:

  1. Shard curing 
  2. Modifying multiple in-game items such as drones and weapons
  3. Medical fees to revive Illuvial
  4. Obelisk travel which helps unlock different regions of the planet
  5. Buying enhancements that boost the stats of Illuvial
  6. Buying NFTs
  7. Battle wagering 

Primary uses of ILV token

  1. Staking: players can stake their ILV to earn more ILV or sILV incentives
  2. To reward users when they complete missions and battles
  3. Governance: Illuvium DAO lets ILV holders participate in decision-making on improving the game and making other needed changes. 

How to buy Illivium

You can buy ILV on notable crypto exchanges such as, Binance, Kucoin, Okex, MEXC, etc.

How to stake Illuvium

Those holding ILV must stake their tokens for 12 months to earn 100% rewards from Illuvium’s in-game revenue. In contrast, they can retrieve sILV rewards anytime to make in-game purchases.

There are two options for staking ILV tokens: locking them or leaving them unlocked. However, users who lock tokens will get a boost in the weight of their pool. Also, the rewards on locked ILV staking are usually twice that of unlocked ILV.

Firstly, you will need a wallet compatible with Ethereum applications (Metamask might be a preferred wallet because it easily connects to DeFi applications). Afterward, proceed to Illuvium’s staking platform, connect your wallet, and stake ILV.


The maximum supply of ILV is 10 million tokens, of which 3 million will go into staking reward. Initially, ILV’s price started at $88. Although its price currently sits around $73, it is noteworthy that it once reached an all-time high of $2868.


According to its developers, Illuvium will be the first blockchain-based AAA game. We can only wait for its full launch to enjoy the immersive gameplay Illuvium promises and earn rewards.