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Sandstorm Review

Sandstorm is a “proposal and build” platform where brands can access the best metaverse builders for their projects. As a platform, the Sandstorm project is one of a kind in the crypto community.

This article will provide an up-to-date review of the Sandstorm project. The article will consider features associated with the project. Additionally, we will consider Sandstorm’s core services.

The Sandstorm Metaverse MarketPlace

Sandstorm is an on-demand marketplace intent on lowering entry barriers into the metaverse. With this objective in mind, the platform has created a marketplace that connects brands to metaverse builders.

Similar to mainstream marketplaces like Upwork and HomeAdvisor, this project offers brands access to thousands of creative metaverse builders. Sandstorm has builders affiliated with top metaverse projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland as part of its clientele.

In terms of service delivery, Sandstorm adopts a decentralized approach. The platform always seeks to merge the best metaverse builders with brands needing workers. This approach aims to ensure builders deliver exceptional products at modest rates. 

Sandstorm believes its approach will grow brands looking to enter the metaverse space. Metaverse growth will then increase as a result of this effect. Additionally, the project hopes to lure big-name companies like Panera, Walmart, and MacDonalds into the metaverse.

That approach aligns with Sandstorm’s mission statement. According to information on its website, Sandstorm hopes to “onboard the next 100 million users into the Metaverse using a simplified platform and community-driven approach.”

Additionally, Sandstorm hopes to onboard the largest builder communities as part of its long-term plans. The platform also plans to be the primary means of accessing metaverse builders. Currently, the platform hosts weekly events for builders in its ecosystem.

How Are Builders Merged With Brands On Sandstorm

Sandstorm considers several factors when merging brands with potential builders. Some of these factors include availability, skills, communications, and quality. In addition, the platform also considers team cooperation and the ability to meet up with deadlines during the selection process.

Sandstorm’s procedure is similar to systems used to select a firm for physical construction projects. However, the platform doesn’t just settle on one user for all facets of the project. Instead, it selects the best possible hands to manage each aspect of the project.

Thus, brands can hire multiple individuals to carry out their job requirements. Builders must also update their portfolio with previous jobs. These will help brands seeking to build in the metaverse select the best possible hands for their project.

Sandstorm NFTs

Apart from connecting brands to metaverse builders, Sandstorm also provides a platform for users to purchase NFTs through its marketplace. 

Sandstorm offers three different ways for its users to sell their non-fungible assets. The first method involves creating an asset on the platform. Building assets requires builders to click the “Create Asset” tab on the top navigation. Next, creators must follow the inputs required to mint their assets on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.

Another way to sell NFTs on this platform involves listing such assets on your profile page. This method allows potential buyers to view the asset. Users can also contact the Sandstorm team for listings. If you opt for this method, the team will share your project with a global audience via its live show.

When writing this review, sandstorm users can’t list their assets on The Sandbox or Decentraland metaverses. According to the Sandstorm website, its integration with Decentraland and The Sandbox is ongoing. Thus, users can expect to list their Sandstorm assets on both platforms soon.

Sandstorm Weekly Contests

A review of the Sandstorm platform will be incomplete without discussing weekly virtual events hosted on the platform. As part of a new feature, Sandstorm now arranges weekly virtual events where builders can show off their skills and earn rewards for their activities.

Usually, multiple virtual events take place simultaneously, and builders must pick their preferred event. Events are structured based on relevance. Thus, builders must browse to select an event.

The size of rewards attached to these events varies. However, builders can expect to win big. In some cases, the total prize may be worth over $40,000. 

Sandstorm Fees

Sandstorm attaches fees to several activities on its platform. However, as a general rule, the platform fees will be at most 2.5% of your total transactions. However, this fee is separate from Ethereum gas fees which apply to each transaction.

How To Join The Sandstorm Project

Builders interested in enjoying the benefits of this platform need to join. The procedure for joining Sandstorm is seamless and uncomplicated. Metaverse builders need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official Sandstorm website 
  • On the homepage, click on the sign-up section.
  • A pop-up window will display a link on how to connect your Metamask wallet to the platform.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to the platform. It is important to note that Sandstorm does not own your private keys. As a result, the platform cannot access your funds without your consent.
  • Successfully syncing your wallet indicates that you have joined the platform.
  • Next, users must update their profiles.

How to Set Up Your Profile On the Sandstorm Platform

After joining the platform, builders must set up their profiles to stand a chance of being selected for jobs. Setting up your profile is very easy; all you need to do is follow these basic steps:

  • Visit the homepage of the website after you have signed-up
  • Next, click on the top right where you synced your wallet
  • A profile icon will be displayed. Click on the icon and set up your profile.
  • Builders need to upload a profile pic and banner. They must also create a bio and provide links to their previous projects and social media pages.
  • The bio should provide adequate information on the type of service they wish to deliver.


Sandstorm is an exciting new platform with lots of potentials. In addition to offering job opportunities to metaverse builders, the platform also operates an NFT marketplace.

In line with its primary objective, they actively work to reduce the entry barrier into the metaverse. Based on its ease of use and community-driven approach, we expect this platform to grow exponentially over the coming years.