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SANDFAM Spotlight

Are you interested in seeing what’s happening behind the curtains? The SANDFAM spotlight is here for you!
We are bringing you weekly showcases of builds, experiences and more.. done by independent builders and Builder studios!
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Arqonix (Builder Team)

Sandstorm profile

Sanctum (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

Deividas Gikis (ind. Builder)

These voxels are a representation of web3 and virtual reality space which is fresh and, one could argue, overwhelming. We’re at a stage where no one really knows the impact this largely expanding space will have upon the common soul. Therefore the ‘floating’ becomes a delicate metaphor, impersonating our daily lives trying to comprehend and digest large amounts of information.

Brettmoak (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

The famous waterfall house that I made, it has a lot of faces and needs to be assembled in the game maker to be a house in the metaverse.
Fallingwater – Edgar J. Kaufmann house – Frank Lloyd Wright Model 3d created by Voxedit, available on metaverse The Sandbox.

Zumzy (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

Game / Hard parkour / Description: Make your way through the parkour for a chance to win a sandbox asset, giving away a Modern Home and the Ultimate Gaming Chair. Play the game for more info, it is on page 14 or 15 atm

Maxie Mac (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

“Fashion fit for a King. I wanted to try something different and work around the templates provided. The Kings Garments were born from an idea caused by a mistake I made, and has inspired me to stretch my imagination. I’m currently working on the Leg template to complete the set.”

Digital_Dalang (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

Asset left (description): She is the lead delegate from United Metaverse, an inter-DAO whose purpose is to maintain Metaverse peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve metaverse cooperation, and be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations. Send her to any chaos metaverse, she will bring all disputes to the negotiation table, avoiding war, bring justice, protect harmony and restore peace to the metaverse.

Asset right (description): “I was devastated”, Dr. Storm. This is Dr. Storm’s greatest research but it turns out to be his most regretful creation for what it had become. He did not plan to release this to the public, but as a warning, he has to be alert all peoples of what this mecha could be. Meet the Mecha Kong Wrangrel!

Dankoy / Sandbricks (Builder team)

I already dream about the interaction of the TSB Platform with Youtube and so I am preparing a gamemaker experience that will be able to include my tutorials!

Iambongali (ind. Builder)

Left: The Queen and the queen guards – The Queen’s Guard is the name given to the contingent of infantry responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace (including Clarence House) in London. The guard is made up of a company of soldiers from a single regiment, which is split in two, providing a detachment for Buckingham Palace and a detachment for St James’s Palace.

Right: The shrine of kongz – This shrine of the kongz is a place of worship or immense fortitude for the kongz family where they pay respect to the remains of their forefathers

Saltydog (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

Kash (ind. Builder)

Rexroach (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

Her Majesty has reigned for 70 Years, ever since she was really young! What’s more British than the personification of Britain itself?

ItalaFireson (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

Asset name: Fairy Tales British Hat
Asset type: Equipment
Description: Everyone loves fairy tales and English books. This wearable hat is created especially to show everyone your British soul in the metaverse.

Kotofeika (ind. Builder)

One of the most famous symbols of England is the red telephone box. And…some magic!

AmirLopez (ind. Builder)

Sandstorm profile

Gamemaker experience / pororogamejam

Keep going SANDFAM!! Great works this week!

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