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Metaverse for Beginners: What is FLUF World? 

Nobody knows the history of this band of misfits. However, we know that after “The wreck” in the 20th century, there was a great meeting of fluffy creatures who traveled far through a labyrinth of tunnels to converge at the great tree.

Despite the difference in traits of the species, they all had one thing in common – music. Therefore, putting their differences apart, they all decided to form a great fluffle and have a positive impact globally. Henceforth, they all wish to be known collectively as FLUFS.

Unfortunately they failed to make any impact. With much disappointment, most of them hibernated in the late 20th century. Thumper, who stayed awake, guarded his family against danger. Likewise, Scrooge McFLUF went on a business venture. In 2009, Scrooge learned of a new digital currency and bought it with all his money.

Over a decade later, Scrooge used his new wealth to purchase a hidden island for the FLUF. Scrooge and Thumper then woke the Fluffle with news of their new home known as FLUF World. Here is the brief origin of FLUF World from Professor Archibald Sparkenski’s lore.

FLUF World is a metaverse ecosystem of art collectibles with different traits. On August 8, 2021, the brand’s first set of art collectibles was up for minting. These initial non-fungible tokens are known as FLUFS. According to reports, the FLUF collection sold out less than an hour after its launch.

FLUF World is a project under Non-Fungible Labs, a metaverse company based in New Zealand. While Non-Fungible Labs have other projects, this article will focus on the various species of creatures living in FLUF World.  

Creatures found in FLUF World

  • FLUFS: These are 3D rabbit avatars with unique features that tell different stories. Flufs are the first set of non-fungible tokens from FLUF World. The collection contains 10,000 programmatically-generated rabbits that can serve as a store of value or a metaverse avatar.

FLUF World launched the FLUF NFT in August 2021 and sold the entire collection within 40 minutes. At launch, the minting price was 0.09 ETH. Within a month, each FLUF was trading at a minimum of 0.53 ETH. An exceptional sale was a Silver Female FLUF which sold for 33 ETH roughly six hours after the launch.

As of this writing, the floor price of a FLUF is 2.6 ETH, and about 3,600 collectors own a FLUF. Moreover, the total volume for the collection is 35,200 Ethereum, and FLUF World earns a 5% royalty on every sale.


Flufs like to feel alive either at a party with friends, within their burrows, or on an adventure. The entire collection is made from 270 traits across 14 categories. As a result, each FLUF is made to be at least three degrees separate from the others. In addition, you can customize your Fluf with the scenes and sounds you choose, making it uniquely yours.

  • Party Bears: As their name suggests, these are party-ready customizable bears with a high taste in fashion. Party Bears consist of 9,669 NFTs that bring style, fun, and music to FLUF World. The floor price of a Party Bear is currently 0.63 ETH. Meanwhile, FLUF World has been able to sell about 7,600 ETH worth of bears to 4,000 owners.


Party Bears are of greater use in the metaverse. They can serve as your DJ or party host. Also, they can represent you in any virtual world event. In addition, Party Bears are an excellent option when choosing an avatar for the metaverse. All you need is to purchase one and customize it with great vibes.  

  • THINGIES: In 2021, spider-like critters crawled out from the Mycelium Spore of FLUF World on All Hallows’ Eve. This collection of 10,000 creatures called Thingies carried untold surprises with them. Thingies are integrated with Altered State Machine intelligence, making them trainable agents.

FLUF World’s Thingies collection contains 9,600 items. Currently, the floor price for each Thingie is 0.7 ETH, and about 3,000 Ethereum addresses own them.


Unlike regular 3D avatars, Thingies don’t just go to the metaverse for fun. Instead, these fluffy creatures are NFT artists on their own. Consequently, they are capable of producing AI-generated artworks. In addition, each Thingie carries a backpack. What do their designer bags and satchels contain? Only time will tell.

  • SEEKERS: Seekers are a collection of communication bots that provides decentralized IT services within FLUF World. They are the genesis NFT collection from Sylo Network. Seekers have the rare ability to power communication and trade on the open metaverse.

The Seekers NFT is a set of unique 47,900 animated robots. As of this writing, one Seeker is worth 0.074 Ethereum. Also, over 6,200 addresses own the items on the Ethereum network.   


Seekers are companions capable of transmitting information across the island or any open metaverse. They aid communication, exploration, and discovery in FLUF World. When entering a metaverse platform, you can purchase a Seeker as a sidekick for your avatar. Furthermore, Seekers are nodes that aid the successful operation of the Sylo network – a partner of FLUF World.

  • Burrows: Physical rabbits dig burrows and live in them. Similarly, the rabbit avatars in FLUF World live in 3D Burrows. Burrows are metaverse spaces for FLUFS to live and breed. FLUF World provides these NFT homes in collaboration with Beyond – a Web3 gaming platform.

Other collections in FLUF World include Scenes and Sounds, Rayguns, and EGGS. EGGS are Electromycelial Genome Generators from Sparkenski Labs. While these collections are not living FLUFS, they are crucial to creatures in FLUF World.

FLUF World Haus

FLUF Haus are exclusive in-person events where people spectacularly experience FLUF World. Kicking off with FLUF Miami Art Basel, the project held its first event at Freehand Hotel, Miami.

Likewise, FLUF World held its second event in Los Angeles on February 11, 2022. This super bowl-themed event featuring multiple music artists also showcased a competition between Flufs and Party Bear. Attendees were community members who hold specific NFTs by FLUF World.

Another intriguing event by FLUF World is the SXSW summit. At this event, the FLUF team presented a manifesto that proposes an open and inclusive metaverse. The SXSW summit was a four-day event from March 12th-15th in Austin, Texas. The team dedicated each day of this summit to discussing new frameworks of an open metaverse with industry leaders and Web3 enthusiasts.

FLUF World is putting in all the essential efforts to build a sustainable open metaverse. We hope Professor Sparkenski’s experiment is successful and FLUF World becomes a thriving metaverse.

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