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Sandstorm Builder spotlight – Iamnegool

This week we are very excited to showcase the works of Iamnegool. On top of being an architect IRL, she wanted to diversify her workstreams by exploring more creative branches. Seeing the quality of assets the community produced throughout different contests, she fell in love with voxel-art in general.
Several months and contest victories later, Negool stands out as one of the best voxel artists in the space. We at Sandstorm are blessed to have her in our community. We are sure that her future as a metaverse builder will be even more exciting than it already is!

A word by Iamnegool

Hi, I am Negool!
I came across crypto around Sept 2020 when covid had already peaked and I was looking to reduce my IRL architecture job.
One of the first projects that caught my attention was the sandbox! I was fortunate enough to acquire a land in the early sales! Unfortunately, I forgot about it due to the hype of the bull run and other architecture projects I had at the time. Fast forward to Jan 2022 I saw sandstorm on Twitter and joined their discord.
At the time, builderscontest2 was happening and I was really amazed by the arts made. But since I didn’t know how to create voxel assets, I started watching videos and searching more about the project. Watching Gamedizzys videos I learned to use Magicavoxel and submitted my first voxel asset for builderscontest3. It was an amazing experience and I received a lot of good feedback from sandstorm and property’s NFT teams.
Since there was no way to publish assets on sandbox directly, I knew sandstorm was the place to start from. I was looking for more contests to push myself to be better and learn more. I remember watching a lot of Pandapops tutorials on making assets and then came the sandstorm contest 4 which luckily enough I was selected as the winner.
After that sandstorm gave me the opportunity to publish 2 of my assets on the sandbox marketplace. I was also approached by few projects. I’m greatly grateful for the Sandstorm team and community. Everyday, there are new artists coming on the platform. I had the opportunity to collaborate on two Voxedit contests with one of the most talented artists (Laele) until now.

I’m happy to be part of this great family. I hope we can all help and grow together while building the future of the metaverse.
Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. sandstorm, sandbox, and blockchain builders 😀

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