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REVV Racing: What is it and How does it work?

REVV Racing is an arcade-style racing game that delivers the look and feel of a traditional car racing game. The play-to-earn game features every aspect of blockchain gaming, from player ownership to reward tokens.

While REVV Racing is not free-to-play, new users can give the practice mode a trial. Meanwhile, you will also need to pay some gas fees to practice driving. Regardless, players who consistently utilize their time and car racing skills can earn real money.

REVV Racing developers are yet to launch the complete version of the game. Thus, the current platform is only the alpha of what is soon to come. However, don’t get it twisted; the game is as good as completed. There have been 984,283 car racing sessions on REVV Racing, featuring tens of thousands of cars. You might then wonder, who is the brain behind REVV Racing?

Who owns REVV Racing?

REVV Racing is a play-to-earn car racing game by Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is responsible for developing multiple blockchain gaming platforms, including the prominent metaverse game, The Sandbox. Yat Siu, the Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, founded Animoca Brands in 2014.

Animoca Brands has been a game software developer for traditional video games before moving to the blockchain industry. Despite owning many video games, the company has licensed games for MotoGP, WWE, Formula One, etc.

Moreover, Animoca Brands is not only prominent for developing and launching blockchain games. They also own major and minor investments worth over $1.5 Billion across 340 blockchain companies.

The REVV Motorsport Metaverse is a collection of play-to-earn games with the motorsport theme. Games within this ecosystem include REVV Racing, Formula E: High Voltage, MotoGP Ignition, and the upcoming Torque Motorsport franchise.

How the game works

A racing game requires scalability and high throughput. Hence, REVV Racing runs on Polygon blockchain, which is less congested and cheap to use. A single Polygon side chain can process 65,000 transactions every second.

Additionally, the gas fee on Polygon ranges between $0.0005 and $0.2 per transaction. As a result, it is easy for thousands of blockchain gamers to compete simultaneously.

Despite being an alpha version, the current interface of the REVV Racing game offers notable features. Apart from being arcade-style, REVV Racing feels like any other car racing game. Players can race in the first person or switch to the third person view for complete immersion into the virtual environment.

Additionally, you can gain total control of your car using the real-time tracking feature. Players can access the game on any web browser of a desktop computer. Accordingly, you can easily control the game using your keyboard. On the other hand, you may also employ specialized game controllers like Xbox or Play Station gamepads.  

Vital attributes of Blockchain games include uniqueness, player ownership, and player reward. A cryptocurrency wallet cannot have a duplicate. Similarly, blockchains are almost impossible to hack, and transactions are irreversible.

Consequently, each player in REVV Racing obtains a unique identity by signing to the game through a crypto wallet. Also, every transaction, play session, and achievement requires blockchain confirmation which leaves an unalterable record on the network.

In REVV Racing, cars are non-fungible tokens and are not the same despite being in the same collection. In addition, REVV Racing does not own your car, and you even have to buy it on an entirely different platform. Instead, players store their cars in crypto wallets as collectibles. You can even sell it on an NFT marketplace or transfer it to another wallet.

Earning rewards in REVV Racing might not be such an easy task. Essentially, a player is competing with hundreds or thousands of players. Nevertheless, up to 200 players can win a share of the 3,000 REVV tokens allotted per tournament. 

REVV Token

REVV is a cryptocurrency that serves as fuel for the in-game economy of REVV Racing. Meanwhile, REVV is not just a reward token. Players also pay a small amount of REVV before competing in racing events. Tournament winners get a share of the bounty, ensuring a sustainable economy.

Away from REVV racing, Animoca Brands also uses REVV tokens to manage the economy of other games within the REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

What are tournaments?

REVV Racing tournaments are events where multiple players compete to win rewards. Players need to pay 5 REVV tokens to compete in a tournament. While speed is essential, the system judges your performance in every lap of the tournament. Hence, you don’t just need to be fast; you need to be consistently fast.

If you are busy or feel unskilled to race, you can pick someone else to drive for you. Assign your car to someone else by clicking “Share to a Driver” and following up with the process. You will get a one-time link for your driver to access the game.

Meanwhile, before you can race in a tournament, you need to set up your account.

How to create a REVV Racing account

To begin with, players need to install and set up a crypto wallet. The wallet serves as a game account. Preferably, REVV Racing recommends using MetaMask wallet since it allows you to configure any blockchain network, including Polygon.

Afterward, you need to purchase both REVV And MATIC coins. REVV Racing recommends that you buy MATIC and swap it for REVV. MATIC is the native crypto asset of the Polygon network. It is essential to players because all in-game activities require a small gas fee.

After buying MATIC, you can swap it for REVV on QuickSwap. QuickSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange that supports the Polygon network. As said, REVV is the fuel of REVV Racing’s economy.

Furthermore, head to OpenSea to select a car and buy it. You can either buy with Polygon-pegged Ethereum or with a credit card. The REVV Racing car collection is an OpenSea verified NFT collection. During this writing, the minimum price for a REVV Racing car is 0.0018 ETH or ($3.25). The REVV Racing team charges 7.5% on every sale in this NFT collection.  

There are 169,200 cars in different categories, including REVV Aspire, REVV Blur, REVV Ambition, etc. Meanwhile, every class varies in properties and boost level. So, check for the traits you prefer before buying a car.

REVV Racing requires that players complete a verification process. While it might be optional, only verified players can race in tournaments and earn rewards. Consequently, before you begin to play, you should verify your identity with Blockpass. Of course, you don’t want to spend all those hours behind the wheels with nothing to show.

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