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Metaverse for Beginners: What are Supducks

SupDucks are a collection of hand drawn cartoon-like ducks. Initially, the ducks were 2D characters available only as drawings. However, they are now available in 3D as metaverse-ready avatars. Art collectors hold ancient hand-made paintings at high esteem. Similar, SupDucks are intriguing to NFT collectors because they are hand drawn digital artworks.

The minting of SupDucks NFTs took place on July 17th 2021. Within 48 hours, the entire collection was sold out. Such swift sale is a result of painstaking effort put into design and marketing by the creators of the project. You might wonder, who is behind Sup Ducks?

Who are the Founders of the project?

The Supducks ecosystem is a project built by MegaVolt Corp. MegaVolt Corp is a team of thirteen members. Meanwhile, the major stakeholder in MegaVolt Corp is simply known as Frankynines. Franky is a California born technical artist who has been active in the industry for 16 years. He holds a Bachelors degree in Web design and Interactive media. Franky was a former employee of a gaming company Zynga before shifting his focus to the blockchain industry. Furthermore, he worked with Dapperlabs and NFT42 before starting MegaVolt Corp.

Other members of the MegaVolt team are only known by their twitter usernames. Namely, Rachel Wolchin, Xiggalo, CalebTweetings, Billyshipp, Williamb3ntley, Stronkwonk, Jonpendigo, TylerGary, 100xluis, Jessicaspeez, AustinxHare, and Demadong.

NFTs by MegaVolt Corp

Ducks are not the only artworks in the Supducks ecosystem. In fact, ducks might need companions or BFFs. Before exploring other collections on the platform, let’s review why ducks are special.


Supducks is a collection of 10,000 avatar-style NFTs. They portray character elements from randomly selected features. These features are hand drawn by creators of the NFT collection. Impressively, the Ducks collection is OpenSea verified. Consequently, collectors can trust the authenticity of the artwork and its creators.

As of this writing, the floor price for each SupDuck is 0.405 ETH. About 3,600 Ethereum network addresses own SupDucks. Moreover, there have been over 23,600 ETH worth of transactions at a 3% royalty fee.

Are there rewards for holding Supducks?

Sup Ducks are the genesis artwork from of the SupDucks ecosystem. Accordingly, the project provides numerous incentives for owners of this collection. The rewards for SupDuck holders vary from NFTs to cryptocurrencies.

For example, Duck holders can claim 10 VOLT tokens every day. Additionally, SupDuck owners can claim Voxel Ducks and King Frogs for free.

Supducks are mainly static 2D drawings. As a result, they are unfit for use in the metaverse. MegaVolt is then introducing another collection.

SupDucks VX

Otherwise known as Voxel Ducks, they are metaverse-ready 3D characters. Despite their 1 to 1 matching traits with Supducks, Voxel Ducks are like an upgraded version of SupDucks. Meanwhile, the collection also conforms with the industry standard for a human model avatar. Therefore, a SupDucks VX can be compatible as a voxel art for metaverse platforms.

This NFT collection is interoperable. So, SupDucks VX holders can use them to explore immersive metaverse environments. Essentially, your Voxel Duck will work with Decentraland as well as The Sandbox or any other open virtual world. Furthermore, Voxel Ducks holders can unlock gaming experiences and social hubs.

Currently, SupDucks owners are eligible to claim Voxel Ducks on the project’s website. There are only 10,000 Voxel Ducks, a matching supply with their genesis collection.

King Frogs

These are companions of Ducks. The King Frog NFT collection contains 15,700 animated frog-like characters. While King Frogs are free-to-claim by all SupDuck owners, the public mint auction is completely sold out.

Currently, one King Frog is worth at least 0.022 ETH and over 2,800 Ethereum have been traded for it on OpenSea. King Frogs are not just useless BFFs, they are mainly useful for producing another form of non-fungible token.

Mega Toads

In November 2021, SupDucks creators added this new collection to their ecosystem. Mega Toads are unique not just for being NFTs but in their mode of creation.

Those who wish to own a Mega Toad will create it themselves. This minting process is an impressive definition of a decentralized ecosystem. Here are steps to mint a Mega Toad:

  • Buy ingredients and feed them to 3 King Frogs
  • Head to the Mega Toad minting page to select which Frogs you have fed
  • Select a feature from each frog
  • Your Mega Toad will portray the features you selected from the frogs
  • Pay the minting fee using VOLT token

Finally, a blockchain transaction will transform the frogs to a Mega Toad. The size, traits and animation of Mega Toads come from their parent King Frogs.

The Volt Token

VOLT is the native cryptocurrency of the SupDucks ecosystem. $VOLT is an ERC-20 utility token for transactions and mechanics within the platform. While you cannot use VOLT to buy NFTs, it is still essential within SupDucks universe.

Currently, $VOLT serves as a means for Discord member to hustle for spots and roles. Likewise, VOLT can help you unlock exclusive drops and content within SupDucks ecosystem.

At launch, every SupDuck holder was able to claim 100 VOLT tokens. Duck owners are still able to claim 10 VOLT coins per day. Members who actively participate in SupDucks community and Discord server can also earn $VOLT.

Meanwhile, if you are still unable to earn VOLT for free, you can buy the token on Uniswap exchange. But, you should not see $VOLT as an investment opportunity. Why? The team warns that it has no monetary value.

Supducks project roadmap

The SupDucks roadmap provides a summary of what MegaVolt Corp intends to achieve soon. Below is a list of upcoming products within SupDucks Universe:

  • Design DAO
  • Bungalow v2.0
  • Pond Social
  • Play to earn – Mega verse
  • SupDucks Times-News website
  • VOLT 2.0
  • Mega Verse Land sale
  • NFT Art School

The roadmap is not in a specific order or milestone. In addition, MegaVolt claims the roadmap is only a list of intended ideas and not a promise. Nevertheless, the SupDucks ecosystem is slowly growing to a valuable metaverse platform.

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