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Metaverse for Beginners: What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels or Voxels is an open-source metaverse platform that operates on the Ethereum network. The platform works as a decentralized social media. Here, community members can publicize upcoming events they are hosting on their land parcels. Voxels promote independence, user ownership, privacy, and player creativity.

Being a free-to-play game, Voxels players can join the game in two ways. As an anonymous visitor or a land owner who is also part of the community. Speaking of Cryptovoxels community, the project’s Discord server consists of over 10,000 members. Likewise, Cryptovoxels has about 81900 followers on Twitter.

In the growing metaverse industry, Cryptovoxels is a reputable virtual world. Accordingly, this article aims to provide necessary information about playing the game.

How does Cryptovoxels work?

Cryptovoxels is an open virtual world. Players can join the game as visitors or sign in using a crypto wallet. You can sign in with Metamask, Coinbase, and WalletConnect (mobile wallet). Also, Voxels allows users to sign in with their Google account or social media accounts like Meta, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter.

When joining with a crypto wallet, ensure the wallet has a web3.0 browser. You must connect the wallet with Cryptovoxels each time you enter the game. Similarly, users joining through Google and other means will authorize Cryptovoxels to access their accounts.

To make the login process more manageable, you can allow to remember your initial sign-in choice. Therefore, when you join the game next, the platform will sign you in automatically. 

When you join as an anonymous visitor, you can only explore the world of Cryptovoxels and see all the ongoing activities. You cannot buy a parcel or win any NFT giveaway since you have no wallet to store it.

On the other hand, players who join via a crypto wallet can participate in the activities within the metaverse. These activities include buying a land parcel and building on it or renting it to other players.

Similarly, players who join using other means will be given an open-login wallet by Cryptovoxels. The open-login wallet is an Ethereum wallet address where players can store their land parcels and other collectibles as NFTs.

The Cryptovoxels economy

Signing into Cryptovoxels also allows you to be a part of the metaverse’s economy. This economy involves the decentralized virtual real estate business. Cryptovoxels has about 7,900 parcels of land. As of this writing, each land sells for a minimum of 0.743 Ethereum.

You can buy land, develop it then, sell it. Or you can make the parcel available for rent by other avatars in order to generate continuous revenue.

There are frequent metaverse parties, concerts, and art exhibitions on Cryptovoxels. Currently, most of these events are free since they do not feature famous people. However, celebrities might begin to monetize metaverse events in the future.

How to use Cryptovoxels features

Cryptovoxels allow its land owners to create avatars and metaverse wearables. Players can even sell these non-fungible tokens to other users on Voxels NFT marketplace. The following are tutorials on how players can create and edit some Cryptovoxels NFTs.

Creating a Vox model

A Vox or Mega-vox model is an avatar that players can use to explore and develop their land parcels. The first step in creating a Vox model is downloading and installing the MagicaVoxel software. This software is what players can use to design a .vox file.

MagicaVoxel has multiple tools which simplify the process of creating an ideal model. After creating a model, you need to save the work before you can place the Vox model on your land parcel.

Click here to access the complete information on making a Vox model.

Creating a Wearable

Wearables are digital fashion items in the form of 3D NFTs that avatars can wear in a virtual world. On Cryptovoxels, wearables are always part of an NFT collection. Therefore, after making wearables, you need to add them to a collection.

An NFT collection is a group of non-fungible tokens under the same brand. Similarly, collections on Cryptovoxels are a group of blockchain-based 3D NFTs.

Essentially, Voxels only allows users who own land parcels to create collections. Also, users cannot create more than one collection per parcel. Players who do not own a land parcel can also develop wearables. However, they will have to submit their NFTs to a public collection.

MagicaVoxel is also the software for creating wearables. It provides easy tools for you to create a 3D hat, t-shirt, etc. After making a wearable, you can try it on your avatar to see how it fits before minting. You can also have other avatars try your new design after minting it.

When creating wearables for Cryptovoxels, users cannot include words or quotes that suggest discrimination, violence, or racism. 

The next step after making a wearable is to mint it to an NFT. This process requires a gas fee to submit the asset on the blockchain. Voxels recommend using Polygon blockchain to mint your wearables.

Moreover, if you are minting items worn in pairs (e.g., shoes), you need to mint double the original amount. After minting a wearable, you can put it up for sale on Opensea or Cryptovoxels marketplace.

To read more about creating a wearable, click here.

How to Edit your Costume

Editing your costume allows you to choose what you will wear and how you will wear it. Avatars can have as many outfits as they want. However, one costume on Cryptovoxels can only contain up to nine wearables.

While wearing items in a costume, ensure you place the wearables in the proper order, and attach them to the correct bone.

This article gives further details on editing your costume.

Recent project updates

Chronos island land sale is one of the most recent events on Cryptovoxels. Chronos is a season-themed island comprising a collection of 400 land parcels. Each of the four districts bears the name of a season and contains 100 plots of land. 

The four districts are Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. Chronos island lacks climate and environmental balance. Thus, parcel owners in the four districts will have to maintain the oxygen level on the island.

Cryprotovels plans to host the VoxTours: Fashion Show on Vibes Island on July 2nd. This event will feature fun, music, and metaverse fashion. In addition, avatars can register to contest in the Virtual Voxels Catwalk and win prizes.

Cryptovoxels Roadmap

In its 2022 roadmap, Cryptovoxels plans to add more features to the virtual world. For example, players will soon be able to mint Womps (screenshots of the metaverse). Also, Voxels will be integrating Gnosis (a market mechanism product for DeFi platforms) into its platform.

Additionally, Voxels will be introducing Basic VRM support and an ERC1155 marketplace in later months. These and many other upcoming projects will help Cryptovoxels stay ahead in the fast-growing metaverse industry.

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