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Sandfam Spotlight #3

Are you interested in seeing what’s happening behind the curtains? The SANDFAM spotlight is here for you!
We are bringing you weekly showcases of builds, experiences and more.. done by independent builders and Builder studios!
Go follow these talented people on their twitter account (click on name) as well as their Sandstorm profile!


Happy to start my Metavaverse Adventure ! Here is my first step on @TheSandboxGame



Sandstorm profile

New upload on beta platform @sandstormmeetup!

CyberWo#20, an android coming from a distant galaxy. All details here


Sandstorm profile

Dominate the concrete jungle with the 3-W BANANA TRUCK!
The CyberKongz scientists went bananas with their latest creation! This three-wheel monster allows you to move freely over every kind of terrain on Kongz Island.


Cause hexagons induce the future and make people walk around and around in this sci fi NFT GALLERY


(1) Cyberpunk District is coming on The Sandbox! First asset…ready! Advertising Display
(2) Drinking in Cyberpunk district “Infinitum”…dirty and smelly, the worst bar in town! Drink and enjoy!


Sandstorm profile

The flying temple – An entry for The Sandbox’s Cyber Kongz Voxedit Contest


Imagine what the CyberKongz universe would look like if they wore special costumes, cool costumes, really cool! They fought with swords and sometimes used magic.


Sandstorm profile

@ARQONIXstudio X @TheSandboxGame X @NFT_NYC A social hub that is open to ALL in ‘featured experiences’ in the ‘Game Maker’!


Sandstorm profile

(1) What about a race in post-apocalyptic experience with a rusty truck in a wasteland plot? Do you think we can survive the Flesh Hunger Tribe?
Wasteland Truck

(2) Cruise through rubbles in apocalypse wasteland downtown? Get this rusty wasteland rod with a turbocharged engine!
Rusty Wasteland Rod

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