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The rising trend of metaverse builders: A new occupation

The popularity and expansion of the metaverse have caused an increase in demand for creators. You could liken metaverse builders to building constructors tasked with putting all necessary materials in place to erect a building. These creators use various technologies to build experiences that make up a metaverse platform’s ecosystem. In this way, metaverse builders contribute to the growth of the metaverse and its economy.

Increasing demand for content creators on various job listing platform show a growing trend of metaverse builders. Thus, there is a bright future for talented artists transitioning into the metaverse industry.

Why is there a strong need for metaverse builders? How profitable is it to build in the metaverse? Where can you gain more experience as metaverse builders? This article will answer these three questions.

Why are metaverse builders highly needed?

Metaverse platforms like Decentraland and The sandbox create opportunities for users to entertain themselves. These platforms provide virtual plots of land for building and launching experiences. Besides experiences, landowners can hold events, virtual contests, and giveaways for visitors on their land.

While some may give free access to visitors, others are gated, requiring passes from visitors. However, these experiences wouldn’t exist without builders. Therefore, metaverse building as an occupation will continue to thrive, especially now that users are turning their attention to web3.0. In a nutshell, as users visit virtual worlds, metaverse builders will continue to trend.

Another reason why metaverse builders are trending is that technology companies are focusing their attention on the metaverse. These companies have observed that they can market their products through metaverse experiences. Thus, they buy virtual lands and employ builders to develop them. In the long run, these brands make a lot of revenue through ads on those virtual experiences and also when visitors purchase metaverse assets made by such brands.

Sometimes the number of visitors that brands receive depends on how immersive builders create these experiences. Hence, the need for builders to be creative cannot be overemphasized.

How profitable is metaverse building as an occupation?

Publishing metaverse experiences in the virtual world is highly profitable. For instance, a builder buys land on Decentraland and creates an event venue. Afterward, he invites users to visit his experience through advertisement. Such a builder can decide to rent out his experience to users who want to throw virtual parties or others who wish to host a metaverse conference. Whatever the case, metaverse builders can profit massively by building an immersive scene.

An example is a virtual experience involving a famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. The artiste created 10,000 unique avatars, giving visitors access to Snoopverse, a metaverse experience he created on The Sandbox, and he was able to sell out the He sold out all the avatars.

Although not all builders are as popular as Snoop Dogg, metaverse builders can always use their creativity to draw visitors’ attention. Remember that while construction is your primary focus, you still have to communicate and connect with people who can help build popularity for a metaverse experience. Thereby creating a robust opportunity to earn income.

In addition, metaverse builders can profit by working for brands. These brands majorly create virtual assets which represent their real-life products. Thus, they need builders to create experiences for consumers to visit. The experience could be a gallery or a digital shopping mall.

Using their skillsets and talents to create immersive games, scenes and assets will help builders fast-track their careers. They will be able to charge high fees to build for brands, and previous employers can also earn referrals from their previous employers.

Where can metaverse builders gain more experience?

Sandstorm builders contest is an excellent opportunity for talented creators to show off their building skills by competing with others. The two different types of contests held by Sandstorm are the DCL contests (Decentraland) and The Sandbox game builder’s contest. Consider the highlight of three of these contests.

DCL contest number 9- New Year, New Me

In this contest, builders focused on creating wearable assets that depict various personalities of avatar pieces. They were to build a skin wearable or two pieces of wearables combined as a single set.

The prize for winners was quite mouth-watering. Five builders won a share of 5000 USDC, ranging from 2,500 USDC for the best builder to 150 USDC for the fifth-best metaverse builder in this contest.

The Sandbox contest 22 – Eyes on the ball

In this competition, 10 winners will share a prize pool of 5000 SAND. At the time of writing, builders have 4 days left to conclude their project.

The objective of builders is to design an experience from the scenes of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Meanwhile, their primary focus should also be the penalty kick played in the final match between Argentina and France. Builders can either build a goal scene or how the goalkeeper saved the day.

DCL contest 10 – Metaverse Olympics

This is quite an exciting competition whereby builders are to design an Olympic experience. The stadium they design will feature a sporting event, and they are to animate avatars engaging in that particular sport. 

Builders are to use Decentraland SDK, Blender, or Unity game engine to build this project. Winning experiences are decided based on the quality of their animation and modeling. Also, the most realistic scenes have better-winning chance.

Sandstorm invites builders and game creators to submit their bids or projects for this contest till it ends on January 15.


The popularity of Blockchain technology is helping in the emergence of new metaverse projects. These projects need builders to design different experiences within these virtual worlds. Talented builders can decide to work full-time for brands and get paid. At the same time, they may work for themselves by building their own experience and monetizing it. Irrespective of the source of income a builder chooses, they can always participate in Decentraland, and The Sandbox builders contest on Sandstorm.