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Why Blender artists are important metaverse builders

Blender artists are talented people that use the Blender software to create 3D artworks. Although most of these artists do not work on metaverse projects, their work is relevant to the metaverse. 

Blender is a free software for 3D animation, video editing, and game creation. It helps create 3D characters, design a scene from scratch, and build an entire experience. 

Blender is one of the best tools to lay your hands on if you are an upcoming metaverse artist. Moreover, learning to use Blender can put you at the forefront of your career. How is that so? This article will discuss reasons why Blender artists are essential when it comes to building the metaverse.

Getting started as a Blender artist 

Have you visited Decentraland or The Sandbox? If not, then you should. To become a metaverse artist, you must research the types of artwork that metaverse visitors use most. At the same time, you can gather statistics regarding the virtual experiences that are getting the highest number of visitors. Why should you do that? 

Well, as a metaverse artist, your work is to create artwork. In this case, you are creating not just any 3D image but wearables, 3D household items that people can place in their digital homes, etc. Likewise, you might work for brands that want you to create and maintain their metaverse experiences. 

Researching the latest trends of metaverse assets and experiences will help you to follow the trend. Following the trend, you can build scenes that attract thousands of visitors. Meanwhile, knowing what you should build is just the beginning; creating it is the actual job. 

To build the best metaverse scenes, artists need powerful tools to deliver their designs in the most immersive format. Granted, virtual worlds like Decentraland have provided software for builders and development kits. Yet, these tools might not feature everything an artist needs. Therefore, the best option is to create your scene or asset with Blender, export the file, and publish it on a metaverse platform. 

Blender provides everything an artist needs to produce an asset, from 3D drawing tools to advanced animation features. Also, Blender ensures a smooth flow of operations from one application (or stage) to another throughout the production pipeline. 

What Blender artists can accomplish in the metaverse 

Blender has the tools to help you achieve all your tasks in the metaverse. This is why metaverse builders also need to become professional Blender artists. Consider three tasks that you can perform with Blender when building in the metaverse:


This term means designing a digital version of a real object, and artists can use Blender to create renders from start to finish. As you might know, many items in metaverse scenes are virtual representations of things in the physical world. So, artists will need Blender when creating 3D renders. However, that is just the beginning.

Rendering helps create more than objects. Artists can also use the process to create game scenes and interactive experiences. This type of rendering is called real-time rendering. It involves calculating several 3D images at high speed–as if those images are moving in real-time.

This process aims to display those 3D images to the human eye as objects that are moving naturally. Real-time rendering has made it possible for game assets and digital characters to move at the same pace as real humans or animals.

Performing such a complex task requires advanced calculations and processes. Nevertheless, Blender has simplified those calculations into simple tools that allow creators to render metaverse assets and scenes with great accuracy.

3D modeling

The beautiful houses in a 3D virtual world result from careful and detailed modeling. 3D modeling is the process that artists use to curate both moving and static assets in a metaverse scene. Blender offers the necessary tools to help artists produce the best models.

3D models consist of vertices and polygons that form a mesh. While creating a 3D model, Blender artists must pay attention to all its points and shapes.

Artists can display the foundational shapes of a 3D model in two-dimensional form. Viewing the 2D form of a model allows artists to produce models which are accurate in texture and geometry. Meanwhile, the shape can be a square, cube, or sphere, depending on what an artist thinks will help him create the best result.

Also, Blender allows artists to perform UV Unwrapping. Unwrapping means viewing the flat surface or 2D texture of a 3D model. This starts with unwrapping a mesh into multiple layers to perform needed adjustments. In addition, you can unwrap the model into any suitable projection or angle.

With these modeling tools, Blender artists can give attention to every necessary detail during their production. By doing that, they will produce photorealistic metaverse assets and real-time scenes. 


Digital sculpting is another method of creating realistic 3D assets and scenes. It gets even better when using this method as a Blender artist because Blender allows you to create digital sculptures as if you were molding physical clay. 

Physical sculptures are always in a three-dimensional form. You can find these artworks in museums and on the streets of cities. Sculptures are spectacular because they are real works of art that you can touch and feel.

Similarly, digital sculptures are 3D objects created with computer software like Blender. Sculpting is one of the best methods an artist can use to create virtual assets because, like physical sculptures, it reveals every detail of the artwork. Thereby creating photorealistic images that appear on the screen like tangible objects.

Digital sculpting is suitable for creating assets like animals, avatars, and plants. Moreover, it helps to bring imaginative creatures like dragons or wild beasts to life in a metaverse scene. Blender artists can produce realistic metaverse sculptures because the software is packed with advanced sculpting tools.

So far, you have seen the amazing things you can build in the metaverse as a Blender artist. If you are a professional with Blender, you can get highly-paying job opportunities in the metaverse industry. But you don’t need to search endlessly for those jobs. 

Sandstorm is a metaverse hiring agency that can make your journey more straightforward. Therefore, as Blender artists, visit the Builder page of our website to create a profile, browse available jobs that match your skill, and start working on builder proposals.