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Introducing BOLTS – A New Standard for Verifiable Metaverse Work

Today we’re excited to officially launch BOLTS on the marketplace to further empower builders across the open metaverse. As we continue to establish the construction market, work verification for both individuals and studios has become incredibly important. BOLTS aim to empower builders and studios with proof of work for their role in any metaverse construction project.

We believe the open metaverse will be built through a fully gig-based economy. With web3 accounts, all users can showcase their verifiable roles as a builder in every project. Think of BOLTS as a verifiable LinkedIn endorsement for your metaverse-building career. These unique symbols of verification will become a key pillar in establishing a portfolio of work as a studio or individual builder.

If you’re new to SandStorm each profile on our marketplace is connected to a web3-enabled account that is fully owned and controlled by every user. Through this approach, for the first time builders are able to leverage the power of web3 tech with BOLTS to show their clients verification of their hard work.

This is a huge step toward showing what web3 technology can accomplish for gig-based work. In short, BOLTS are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are earned (not purchased) and sent out automatically to each builder’s web3-enabled profile when build proposals are completed.

The front of each SandStorm BOLT

Each week brands submit build proposals to the marketplace, builders from around the world bid on the work, get hired, and deploy assets into the metaverse. We’ve seen dozens of new studios start on the marketplace and verification has become incredibly important across the industry. Starting today, when a build proposal is completed a BOLT is generated and sent on the blockchain to each of the builder’s web3 profiles involved in the proposal.

This allows builders to verify their role in any metaverse construction project simply with their SandStorm profile. In addition, when an individual or studio receives a BOLT after a build is completed, a notification is automatically sent to their followers on the marketplace. This helps builders promote their hard work to friends on the marketplace automatically and helps brands get native metaverse promotion for their completed assets instantly.

As a studio or individual builder not only do BOLTS represent a new gold standard to achieve for your portfolio, these are a new tool for you to charge fair rates, build trust with your clients, and grow your business through verifiable proof of your work.

Builders have asked for many levels of verification for their completed assets in some way for 6 months and we’re excited to finally release BOLTS to the community. We have been a community-driven company since our first metaverse meetup in 2021 and we’ll always listen to feature requests. If you have one of these BOLTS on your profile, you will soon have exclusive access to virtual events, marketplace features, metaverse assets, and much more.

The customized back to every BOLT

Each BOLT is uniquely auto-generated with the title of the build proposal, builder user name, budget of the project, and the builder’s public web3 address. These details help brands quickly know the size and scope of work a builder has participated in. Budgets on a BOLT can range from $1,000 to $1 million. Being able to verify that a studio or individual can work on large-budget projects in the metaverse on-chain aims to develop trust with brands of all sizes.

For brands looking to build in the metaverse, these BOLTS represent the most active and successful metaverse builders across the top 5 virtual worlds. Our goal is over the next 6 months, brands will be able to filter and hire builders who have these BOLTS so they can quickly and easily work with the top 1% of creators globally.

Signup for a marketplace account and start searching for builders with BOLTS started HERE