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5 Blockchain Gaming Videos You Should Watch

Videos are a great way to communicate. Similarly, blockchain gaming videos are important to the industry. Why?

Humans are more likely to remember what they watch or see even more than what they read. With the invention of high-speed internet, videos now hold a significant stake in internet content. Today, there are tons of educative videos across online media channels.

Blockchain gaming videos are educative contents that can fast-track your knowledge about the industry. These videos provide information about the blockchain and how play-to-earn games work.

Essentially, anyone can obtain real-time updates about upcoming and existing projects through videos. The following blockchain gaming videos are examples of content that provide information about the crypto gaming industry.

Blockchain Games – Can Blockchain Technology be a Game Mechanic?

The first blockchain gaming video in this article will be a 2018 animation made by Extra Credits. In this 7-minute video, Matt Krol talks about how blockchain tech can provide a good game design. Also, he explores the best methods of offering value to game players.

Initially, the video describes blockchain as a distributed technology becoming more and more tamper-proof. Matt mentions some potential of blockchain networks but also states that most startups are only using it to rake in quick cash.  

Further, Matt then talks about crypto-collectibles (now known as NFTs) and their three most important features. He stresses more on Crypto-kitties, a cat-themed digital collection that was popular in the crypto industry back in 2018. While the Crypto-kitties game utilizes Ethereum blockchain to an extent, it does not deliver an authentic version of blockchain games.

Therefore, Matt provides some ideas on developing more sustainable crypto games. For example, an in-game sword which exhibits rare traits that are not pre-programmed. Instead, the attributes come from heroic actions by players using the sword. Accordingly, in such situation, the blockchain will serve as a medium for unchangeable record of events.

Finally, Matt states how developers can build authentic free-to-play games while also generating and distributing revenue.

Best Blockchain Games: Top 5 Play-to-earn Cryptos!

This 19-minute-long blockchain gaming video is by Coin Bureau, a YouTube channel that focuses on cryptocurrencies. It covers five genres of play-to-earn games. To begin with, Guy (the narrator) explains the two primary ways people get paid for playing blockchain games. Afterward, the video focuses on five blockchain-based games. 

First off, Guy introduces Sorare and how it works. Sorare is a fantasy football game where players collect non-fungible cards that represent footballers. These cards serve as tickets to compete in fantasy football leagues where you can win rarer cards and prizes in Ethereum.

For players who prefer Farmville type of games, Guy brings in TownStar. Here, players create resources on their farmland and sell them to other towns and cities to generate revenue. You can hire workers to work on your farm or a construction project. TownStar is a virtual or gamified version of capitalism in our physical world.

Furthermore, the video discusses CryptoBlades, The Sandbox, and Plant vs. Undead. They are respectively RPG, metaverse, and tower defense games. Finally, Guy explains the risks anyone should consider before buying in-game assets.

Blockchain Games Are Here – What You Should Know

Is blockchain the future of gaming or just another gimmick? Techquickie explains how play-to-earn works in this blockchain gaming video. This 5-minute YouTube video begins with the basic idea behind blockchain games.

He says, “Most crypto games are free-to-play. However, some might require paying an upfront cost before gaining access.” Afterward, Techquikie discusses what in-game NFTs look like and how players can collect or use them.

So, how does the play-to-earn industry differ from earning items in a traditional video game? The video explains how blockchain technology solves the problem of centralized asset ownership. Moreover, it is probably impossible to use a Fortnite cosmetic in Call of Duty. However, interoperability has been made possible through NFTs.

Finally, Techquickie mentions some pitfalls that play-to-earn developers need to address. The concept might sound gimmicky since anyone can mint any digital item as an NFT. Also, there are concerns regarding project manipulation or developers that run away with funds.

You can watch Techquickie’s blockchain gaming video here and fully understand the points.

Top 3 Best Crypto Games of 2022

On-Chain Gaming explores some five play-to-earn games he considers the best in 2022. In this thirteen-minute YouTube video, viewers learn about TownStar, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands Spider Tanks, and Axie Infinity.

Due to the ever-changing landscape of the crypto industry, blockchain gamers need to stay up-to-date. This blockchain gaming video provides information about five games with the best play-to-earn opportunities.

The first game on this list is TownStar. On-Chain Gaming describes TownStar as a strategy game that requires dedication and focus. Players might also need to purchase NFTs before they can earn TOWN tokens.

Meanwhile, Gods Unchained and Splinterlands made it to number two on this list. These two card games deliver quality gameplay and sustainable earning potential. In addition, Axie Infinity is also number two on the list. While Axie Infinity does not provide a high earning potential, this video mentions upcoming updates from Axie Infinity worth checking.

The third game on this list is Spider Tanks by Gala Games. Spider Tanks is a player vs. player battle arena. Here, players own war tanks in the form of NFTs. You can sell a tank at higher prices after upgrading it through gameplay.

Crypto Gaming and NFTs in 2022

This 17-minute-long blockchain gaming video by Crypto Banter summarizes the Permissionless Crypto Conference. Blockworks hosted this event at West Palm Beach from May 17-19, 2022.

According to Hustle, Crypto Banter’s narrator, this year’s Permissionless conference was web 3 and crypto gaming driven. So, representatives from blockchain gaming projects like Illuvium, Axie Infinity, etc., were present.

With over $52 billion spent on gaming items in 2021, the 2022 Permissionless conference focused on how this vast sum of money can flow evenly into the crypto gaming space. Additionally, crypto game builders are trying to focus more on sustainable value and immersive games. Consequently, Illuvium is currently working on a blockchain game that will deliver immersive entertainment and value. Not just sentiment-based games that live and die on hype or the state of the crypto market.

Other sections of this video discuss the innovations of Immutable X, Guild of Guardian, etc. In conclusion, Crypto Banter expresses their view on the future of crypto gaming and how it can drive worldwide blockchain adoption.

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