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This Weeks Guests (Week Of June 6th)

The SandStorm is home weekly interviews featuring metaverse guests. You’ll be able to watch the live and recorded shows via our twitch channel. Stay tuned to discord or twitter for all the updates.

Revv Racing

This the first guest, REVV Racing, is developing an arcade simulation game developed and published by Animoca Brands on the Polygon network.

The blockchain game is a new addition to REVV Motorsport, an ecosystem of motorsport games by Animoca Brands. With other titles like Delta Time and MotoGP™ Ignition on the platform, there is a lot of fun to be had.

All assets within the REVV Motorsport ecosystem are NFTs. This means players have digital ownership over their cars and car parts, trophies, driver equipment, circuit segments, etc. These game assets are your property, like any physical items you own in the real world.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. In gaming especially, they are useful because they make possible true ownership of digital assets by using blockchain technology. These assets are often unique and thus have scarcity and value built into them. They are also immutable and fully transparent, so you can prove their origins. Assets sold by one person and bought by another are all traceable, instilling further inherent value into them. 

You can trade NFTs, gift them, or even rent them out. If a game developer were to create an experience compatible with your particular NFT, it adds utility to your asset, which can significantly increase its value.

Animoca brands build games on chains that require much less energy consumption than Bitcoin and Ethereum, utilizing layer 2 solutions like ‘proof of stake’ blockchains. These essentially bundle thousands of transactions into one before sending it through, making the process much more efficient.

REVV is the Motorsport utility token, a cross-title game token that allows players to trade and purchase services and play the blockchain games. The token acts as the medium of exchange and utility throughout the REVV ecosystem.

Getting Started On The Game

Fancy trying your hand at a racing game that rewards with digital assets that you can convert into real-life money? Let’s have a look at how you can get started.

Firstly, you’ll need a MetaMask wallet to store your car NFTs and tokens that you need to play the game.

Because it is on the Polygon chain, you need to switch your MetaMask network to the Matic Mainnet.

Players have several free tries to get used to the game. They will automatically deposit some MATIC into your wallet to pay the gas fee with if you do not own any. 

You can purchase a car by setting up a crypto wallet and using the REVV token to buy your virtual racing car. Players must be over 18 to play the game and use the crypto wallet. You might want to go to to find a nice collection of cars to browse through, listed for sale by other players.

You have complete control of your car in the race using a standard keyboard or game controller, and the gameplay is similar to that of traditional racing games. 

The Alpha Inaugural Tournament held in 2021 had $150,000 in prizes for the top 1,000 racers, with a cool $12,000 in REVV tokens as the first prize.

Bored Mummy Waking Up

Our next guest is Bored Mummy Waking Up (BMWU). A project on the Ethereum blockchain with a comic-book, mythological, and historical style collection of mummy-themed NFT. 

Reports show that holders of the NFT numbered 3,723 within the first quarter of operations. One of the NFTs will cost you 0.03 ETH to purchase. Just under 17,000 have been sold to date. The metadata of BMWU is stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

BMWU has purchased estates in The Sandbox. They are creating 3D mummy avatars in The Sandbox and also a social hub to bring the entire community into a single gathering of a virtual town that showcases the artwork. 

BMWU Characters 

The mythological figures include baby girl and baby boy mummies. The Halloween drop, also known as Halloween Royal Rumble, features mummified avatars inspired by famous horror characters from books, comics, and mythologies such as Vladimir, PAN, Nagini, Jacko, and Elkenstein.

The Pyramid Drop and the Maker Drop were launched in December 2021. The collection, made up of 8,888 Bored Mummy Waking Up NFTs, has the option of 184 possible traits with 14 attribute categories. Four hundred and forty-four of the NFTs in the collection are drawn on the likenesses of historical figures like Tutankhamun, Cleopatra, Empress Dowager Cixi, Elizabeth I, Qin Shi Huang, Napoleon, Sitting Bull, and the character Black Beard.

The backdrops of the “Guardian” NFTs also connect to the history of the characters they are inspired by. For example, pyramids feature in the Tutankhamun and Cleopatra NFTs and a battlefield with cannons in the backdrop of the Napoleon NFT.

One of the “Guardians” in the Bored Mummy Waking Up NFTs, a character called Climate Warrior, is a mummy who wears a radioactive mask bearing an insignia of the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Ankh.


Our final guest is the DimWits collection which are rare NFTs, each algorithmically generated using a combination of over 140 attributes. These include variations on hats, eyes, skins, as well as other features. DimWits is on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The project aims at offering high-quality art for an affordable price.

DimWits cost 0.05 ETH each to mint. Each DimWit serves as a “ticket” that offers exclusive benefits and content such as AirDrops, Metaverse gaming, token staking, and more.

For each DimWit owned, you will be eligible to claim a free Sandbox avatar, an NFT that gives DimWit’s holders exclusive content.

DimPunks is a separate collection of cyberpunk-themed NFTs that will contribute to the original DimWits ecosystem. DimPunks are free to mint once you hold 2 DimWit NFTs.

The native token to the DimWits ecosystem is $DIM. You can earn $DIM by staking your DimWit or DimPunk. You can also purchase wearables, accessories, or weapons for your VX DimWit in The Sandbox with $DIM.

DimWits main focus is on the metaverse in general, and a major aspect of the community will be their involvement in play-to-earn gaming. 

The Wirehead DAO

After completion of the DimWits mint, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) will have full control over discrepancies and project direction. The community governance decides which direction the content goes.

By owning 1 DimWit NFT, you are then a member of The Wirehead DAO. The organization buys and sells NFTs proposed by and voted on by DAO members in order to give access to more benefits for its members.

The DimWits team has purchased digital real estate and plans to build on the platforms the DAO chooses. DimWits has already begun preparation for The Sandbox, Netvrk, and NFT Worlds.

Members of the DAO have a say in where funds within the community wallet are allocated. This includes selling NFTs to acquire others or fund development, for example, through a guarded signature delegation system. The process lets DimWit NFT holders prove ownership when joining different projects via a wallet such as Metamask. It also allows the members to cast a vote on the business of the DAO.