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We’ve partnered with TCG World, the biggest virtual world on Binance Smart Chain

We’re excited to share that SandStorm has partnered with TCG World to bring new build proposals to the marketplace. Starting in Q4 2022, we’ll work closely with TCG World to deploy weekly build proposals to our marketplace of 2,000 builders.

Not only is this a powerful opportunity for SandStorm builders on the marketplace that want to learn to create 3D assets, it also opens up the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to our community. Through direct partnerships with virtual worlds, we’re able to bring the world’s best metaverse builders to the table and support multi-world construction. A key ingredient to SandStorm is our education through partnerships with The SanSdbox, Decentraland, Immersed, and now TCG World. Now builders will be able to learn how to build across 4 of the best virtual worlds. This not only empowers brands to deploy assets in multiple worlds but it helps builders explore what interoperability looks like.

Web3 Virtual World pioneers like TCG World want to be decentralized to empower their creators and users. We believe this is the future of how games will be played, owned, and governed. When virtual worlds partner with the largest metaverse builder community they’ve positioned their construction to be community driven and not centralized, pushing us all into the decentralized virtual future. 

This year, we’ve seen a 250% increase in the number of virtual worlds that want to decentralize their construction efforts and refer brands to SandStorm’s marketplace. This is just the beginning and now with 4 virtual world partnerships, we’re excited to continue to onboard builders across the entire open metaverse. The more partnerships we have with virtual worlds the more builders will cross-pollinate, in turn growing the entire open virtual world.

What is TCG World?

TCG stands for Trading Card Game and consists of several key components TCGCoin, TCG Gaming, and TCG World. Users can earn TCGCoin 2.0, hunt for NFT collectibles, invest in virtual real estate, build and explore, and start a career online. 

Owning a plot of land in TCG World offers a multitude of possibilities to business owners, real estate developers, cryptocurrency/NFT projects, and investors from all walks of life. Commercial real estate plots boast high visibility and in-game traffic due to their prime city locations. These plots also offer vast opportunities for e-commerce, social media, gaming, live streaming, entertainment, education, virtual events, digital marketing, in world real estate development including rentals, advertisements/billboards, resale and so much more! There are two types of land in TCG World, regional and farming. There will only be 100,000 plots for sales across 4 regions.

Here is a full picture of the TCG World virtual real estate map by region: 

For an additional high-level overview of TCG World check out our friend CryptoStache’s video 

With our emphasis on education, we will be hosting a large builder contest with TCG World next year to help builders learn the required file formats and building techniques for TCG World. Roughly 25% of metaverse builders on our platform have the ability to deploy assets for brands in two or more multiple worlds and we firmly believe we’ll get that to 50% leading into summer 2023. Multi-world construction helps enable faster growth of the open metaverse for both brands and builders alike. As a community-driven company ourselves it’s vital for the space to partner with companies that align with that vision. TCG World has done an incredible job growing its community to over 14,000 holders and we’re excited to support construction in their world.

Over the next few months, we’ll keep everyone updated on Twitter as we launch build proposals for TCG World. Be sure to follow TCG world for updates here: