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We’ve partnered with SPACE to help reinvent commerce in the metaverse

We’re excited to announce SandStorm has partnered with SPACE to support the construction of virtual eCommerce stores for brands entering the metaverse. This long-term partnership consists of creative monthly build proposals for builders on SandStorm to create unique virtual experiences for shopping. 

We believe the open metaverse will absorb every industry and virtual commerce will be an extremely important part of overall adoption. By 2027 the global e-commerce industry is projected to reach over $27 trillion in revenues. Knowing that, as we continue to establish the construction market across the open metaverse our team is extremely excited to have SPACE as our 5th virtual world partnership! This new focus on virtual shopping for builders to dive into is an opportunity of a lifetime.

What is SPACE?

SPACE is a metaverse catering to commerce and aims to provide powerful builder tools to enable users to design and create immersive commerce spaces without barriers. SPACE is focused on creating a vibrant user-owned economy through unifying knowledge, joint effort, and fair rewards distribution based on a culture of collaboration and economic opportunities.

With tools for builders and merchants, you can create your own SPACE to sell items via a virtual experience. Bridging the gap between digital and physical is often referred to as PHYIGITAL. SPACE sees a future where trying on clothes, shoes etc. in VR will be normal. Wearing them on your avatar and then also having the physical product shipped will be normal. This is a huge opportunity for builders in the SandStorm community to learn how to construct the future of virtual commerce.

SandStorm is a sponsor of the Blender Conference 2022 (BCON) and we’re excited to showcase  multiple exciting initiatives from ALL 5 of our virtual world partners IRL to the Blender community:

  • The Sandbox (gaming & social)
  • TCG World (gaming & social)
  • Decentraland (social) 
  • Immersed (virtual work)
  • SPACE (virtual commerce) 

By expanding into virtual commerce we’re helping to sharpen 80% – 85% of the builder’s on our marketplace’s skill sets. SandStorm builders are now able to go beyond creating game experiences and into multiple new niches of construction to truly shape the future of the metaverse. If all e-commerce comes into the virtual world (it will) over the next 20 years, every builder on SandStorm should be hyped about the opportunity to be part of learning these skills.

Every month builders will see public build proposals go live on the marketplace for virtual shopping experiences to bid on. 

In addition to monthly build proposals for builders to create virtual SPACE shops, their team is hosting a hackathon in Vancouver on November 5th that we’re excited to be part of as well! If you or anyone you know is based in that area, definitely be sure to check it out!

For updates on build proposals as they roll out be sure to follow both SPACE on Twitter and SandStorm