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We’ve partnered with Immersed, the most engaged VR metaverse

We’re excited to announce that SandStorm is introducing The Sandbox, Decentraland, and other virtual world builders to the Immersed metaverse, one of the top virtual reality apps on the Oculus Store where people are in AR/VR for 40-50 hours per week. Learn more about the Immersed metaverse’s virtual land at

The SandStorm platform enables builders to showcase their builds on the blockchain to brands who need assets created across multiple virtual worlds.

Over the last 3 months, we’ve seen a 125% increase in the number of multi-world builders registering on our platform. We’ve seen such exponential growth with builders interested in working full-time in the metaverse that we will be acquiring Immersed vLand in their upcoming virtual land sale.

We’ve started to assemble an incredible group of metaverse builders on our platform to construct a first-of-its-kind VR estate. Similar to our Social Hub in The Sandbox and Decentraland (launching in Q4 2022) virtual worlds, we’ll be streaming from Immersed to help with builder education and onboarding.

To kick off the partnership and introduce Immersed to Sandbox and Decentraland creators, builders on the SandStorm platform will be constructing an Immersed experience on a 1×1 plot in The Sandbox. With the immersive experiences developed by world-class builders on SandStorm’s platform over the coming months, this land will provide the first step in the accelerated growth of the Immersed builder community.  

With our emphasis on education, we will be hosting builder contests starting next year to help builders learn the required file formats and building techniques for Immersed. This is why as we release more virtual world partnerships, our goal is to help coach builders with multi-world building. In addition to this, we will be co-hosting a 4,000-person metaverse conference with Immersed called “ImmersedCon” in Austin, TX on Feb 2-5 to teach world-builders (and really anyone who wants to build their business in the metaverse) how be part of this exciting advent of a truly immersive metaverse.

Around 10% of metaverse builders on our platform already have the ability to deploy assets for brands in multiple worlds and we firmly believe we’ll get that to 50% leading into summer 2023. Multi-world building helps enable faster growth of the open metaverse for both brands and builders alike. 

A key part of this partnership are the builder contests hosted by Sandstorm and sponsored by Immersed. We’ve seen studios and builders from all over the world generate a full-time income from participating in our monthly contests. This has become a rewarding part of the SandStorm ecosystem, not only for our team, but for the entire creator community. As we approach our 12th contest in August 2022, we’re honored to provide consistency to builders everywhere.

Our platform is establishing the overall open metaverse construction market across the top Metaverse virtual worlds. This is projected to become an $8 trillion industry by 2030, which leaves a lot of room for growth. With that said, we have some extremely exciting build proposals and feature releases coming over the next 90 days. We’ll continue rolling out more partnership announcements and the format for Immersed builder contests later this year so stay tuned.

We couldn’t be more excited to expand into the Immersed builder community through this partnership and to participate in their upcoming land sale!

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To learn more about the Immersed vLAND sale check them out here!