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Self-Serve Metaverse Build Proposals Are LIVE

Today we’re excited to announce we’ve activated our self-serve build proposals for all LEVEL 2 VERIFIED studios, brands, and individual builders. This is the future of how scalable on-demand metaverse construction will function across the open metaverse. Our team is super excited to enable hundreds of verified studios to gain access to thousands of on-demand builders.

Our long-term mission is to become the on-demand construction marketplace across the entire open metaverse. We firmly believe that on-demand and gig-based work is what will fuel the growth of the open metaverse over the next 10 to 20 years. By partnering directly with key virtual worlds and opening up the ability to release build proposals publicly and privately to all level 2 verified builders, the platform can scale as fast as the industry itself. This marks an important step forward in scale for metaverse construction to onboard web2 builders into multiple web3 virtual worlds.

Within a few weeks of launching build proposals exclusively to 100 beta testers on the marketplace, we received dozens of requests from top development studios to leverage the marketplace to scale up and scale down their teams with on-demand builders. Now, studios and brands alike can easily hire on-demand builders to create metaverse assets. Enabling on-demand individual builders and studios to bid on proposals is leveling the playing field for everyone entering the metaverse.

Here is a step-by-step high level of how SandStorm’s self-serve metaverse build proposals work starting today:

1. Brands and studios that have level 2 verification can complete a build proposal in under 5 minutes on the platform HERE

2. The build proposal can be made PRIVATE or PUBLIC to the marketplace for accepting bids

3. If the proposal is made PRIVATE brands and studios can INVITE builders to their proposal using the BIG GREEN INVITE BUTTON on each verified builder profile.

4. If the proposal is PUBLIC once approved the proposal will go live to the entire marketplace for level 2 verified builders to bid on HERE

5. Both PUBLIC and PRIVATE proposals allow the brand or studio to source, hire, and create a group direct message with 1 to 10 builders in a TEAM on the platform.

6. Once the direct messages lead to a successful build, both parties review each other, funds are released, assets are released, and TNFTs (transaction proof) are sent to everyone’s SandStorm profiles.

A key ingredient to establishing a new market like SandStorm is to release aligned features that are in sync with community requests. Private build proposals are a prime example of this as they are a step towards development studios being able to leverage SandStorm on-demand builders for their clients. A great example is when a studio of 3 or 4 builders lands a BIG build customer, many times they need to scale up their team of builders quickly (sometimes double their team size) to make sure they can take on the workload. So for the first time, studios are able to hire builders on-demand that are verified and eager to build privately by invite only. Private proposals are just the beginning of a long list of tools studios on the marketplace will be able to leverage as they build their start and grow their businesses on SandStorm.

The amount of equity already being established on SandStorm profiles by studios and individual builders is remarkable. With 500,000 builders now in the SandStorm community, there is an immense amount of prestige that comes with being certified and level 2 verified. Being able to build a business as a creator to do what you love full-time is what we’re here to help support.

With that said, this is still a very early step towards a fully self-serve marketplace and our incredible community of builders has one hand on the helm to help us deploy features in the right direction. This version won’t be perfect, but the next one will be better… and the version after that one will be leaps ahead of the first. As builders ourselves we are transparent with how we’re approaching the creation of this market with the community, so nothing will ever be fully perfect on day one.

One of our mottos with business as a whole at SandStorm is:

We believe in community-driven iterations of our product so we’re eager to hear what you think of opening the marketplace up.

Time to start BUILDING!