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SandStorm’s Decentraland Social Hub Is LIVE

We’re excited to announce we’ve officially deployed our Decentraland social hub bringing 10+ brand partners into the popular DAO-governed metaverse. Today we’re hosting a launch party for our community of builders to explore, listen to music, and test out the hub’s features. Roughly 20% of SandStorm’s community is focused specifically on Blender 3D creations which is the primary software used for Decentraland asset development. We have approximately 104,000 blender 3D artists in our community and this number is growing by an average of 80 to 100 builders per day. To support this level of demand, Decentraland was our logical next step for a social hub to help on-ramp thousands of new 3D builders.

Bridging our Sandbox social hub with our Decentraland hub is a huge step forward in SandStorm’s multi-world direction. This enables us to bring brands both ways between worlds and further adoption of each of their features. The future of the open metaverse is multi-world and we’re excited to be at the forefront.

Over the last 4 months, we worked on multiple designs, themes, and layouts, for our social hub. This effort was to showcase as many powerful features as possible that Decentraland has to offer brands. The build was published as a proposal on our marketplace publicly and received 11 bids from studios. The bid was won by the DCL studio LastSlice who did an awesome job adding cutting-edge functionality to the hub.

This is the functionality in our 3X2 Decentraland social hub for the builder community to play around with today:

  • Room for up to 90 potential partner booths across 3 floors
  • VIP room with NFT Gating
  • A video screen in our VIP area
    A public screen on the ground floor with a hosted server (hint for streaming features)
  • External and internal billboards for our brand partners
  • Conference rooms with links to assets showcased on our marketplace
  • Teleports, audio, and animations have been placed all around the plot

As we continue to release tools to empower builders on SandStorm, we will consistently push the limits of The Sandbox and Decentraland through these first two social hubs. This is a foundational step with all our partners towards creating multi-world assets.

With 5 virtual world partners currently and aggressive plans to expand to 5 times that in 2023, we plan to build out our social hub experiences into each partnered world eventually. Not only does this expansion approach trigger new education opportunities for our community of over 104,000 blender 3D artists in each world, but it will help support each of our partners as they grow.

Partner brands that have been with SandStorm for months and in some cases over 1 year now will come along for the ride. This helps expand the footprint and exposure of our partner brands across the open metaverse.

If you want to learn more about how to enter the DCL or Sandbox social hubs join our Discord community!