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Sandstorm REWIND (april 4th – april 10th)

From Monday to Friday we are hosting daily streams at 12 PM EST / 4 PM UTC on our platform! Our goal is to feature the best metaverse builders, brands and communities in the web3 space.

Last week we were very honoured to have 3 amazing guests! Starting off on Wednesday with DeadHeadsNFT, we then had The Hungry wolves on the show on Thursday and finally the Pangea DAO on Friday !

The week also started off strong with the Voting stream for the 5th edition of the Builders contest in Partnership with Octohedz!

Let’s take a look at the day by day rundown of the past week! Enjoy!

Monday april 4th – Builders contest Voting stream

On monday we kicked things off with the Voting stream where @Gamedizzy and @oscom went over all the amazing works create by the communities talented builders. Go check out the VOD to see all contest entries and the 5 winners!

The winners were GhostOfMars, Briah and Yevhenii!!

The Sandstorm builders contest is ran twice a month, where builders compete for a total of 5000 $SAND! If you are interested in participating in those contests, there is one ongoing right now!

Check out our discord to find the full rules:

Tuesday april 5th – Builders series

Tuesday, Gamedizzy has been back at it again! He introduced the new contest and gave tips and tricks to improve your submissions! As a builder, that’s the streams you won’t want to miss!

Wednesday april 6th – Meetup w/ Deadheads

Wednesday we kicked off our interviews with @DeadHeadsNFT. Their goal it to branch into traditional media with an animated series! Their first season is about to get finiAnd with season 1 of said series concluding soon the team had some exciting news to share on the next steps of their roadmap.

Thursday april 7th – Meetup w/ Hungry Wolves

THURSDAY we had some @HungryWolvesNFT on the show as well as a couple of sweet sheep represented by @HollanderAdam

Their NFT collection is made up of 6000 wolves with traits that evolve over time these wolves battle for $Dominance and the chance to be an alpha wolf earning the best sheep and rewards. Talk about a fun NFT gamefi project!

Friday april 8th – Meetup w/ Pangea DAO

Finally on FRIDAY, we had a chat with PangeaDAO (! Their focus is to have a big presence in the metaverse. They talked about their expansion plan and overall goals in the space! Feel free to check their project out in the VOD.

Aaaand that’s it for the last week! Thanks for reading!

Feel free to check out the current weeks schedule here:

Have a great week!

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