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We’re excited to share the CryptoFoxes are coming to the SandStorm Social hub! CryptoFoxes was created by Miinded, a France-based multi-disciplinary studio that focuses on smart contracts and websites for web3 creators.

Miinded has worked with Snoop DoggThe SandboxMekaVersePudgy Penguins, and many other cool projects so we are super excited to welcome them to the SandStorm family! CryptoFoxes announced their Fox VX models will be storming into Sandbox last month with over 200 assets already created.

CryptoFoxes VX

Alongside the important move, CryptoFoxes is making into the Sandbox they’ve released a utility token called $STEAK. The CryptoFox Origins collection only has 1,000 NFTs and will allow holders to generate 6 $STEAK tokens per day and enable users to mint a Fox VX for free. We love to see utility like this being provided to community members in preparation for a launch into Sandbox.

They’ve scheduled a second collection to be released in April 2021 with 11,111 Foxes. This will enable owners to stake on an origin as well as enter the Foxverse. This will be the first customizable pixel collection with unique assets & sprite animation in Worldwide Webb 3 (pixel metaverse)

Foxverse NFTs

One really unique component of CryptoFoxes is they’ve built a fully integrated platform for their community. This goes above and beyond what the majority of projects in the NFT space will do to support the long-term functionality for holders. Being a one-stop shop for buying, selling, and staking is a powerful incentive for all holders. The platform includes:

  • The FoxDex
  • Staking
  • Reroll Metadata (Slot Machine)
  • A shop
  • Passes
  • WWW3 integration will be released soon (end of April/Early May). This will be the first collection to change and update itself in WWW3
The CryptoFoxes Platform

Being able to provide a suite of tools and services for holders is next-level utility and shows long-term value to everyone in the space. We are super excited to be building an immersive experience with CryptoFoxes in the SandStorm social hub over the coming weeks. In addition to the social hub experience you will also see

🔸1/1 Legendary for their VX collection
🔸 Cryptofoxes on SandStorm multiple streams
🔸 An epic builder competition
🔸 Fox VXs chilling in the Social hub

For more details about our partnership check out this awesome thread from CryptoFoxes on Twitter:

In addition to the experience, we will have the CryptoFoxes team back on the stream to showcase updates as well as the Fox VX in real-time!

Follow CryptoFoxes on Twitter, follow their Medium blog, and join their Discord

If you’re new to the metaverse be sure to stay tuned on our Discord for updates