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Sandstorm Builder of the Week – SparkySnikle

This week we are very happy to introduce you to Sparkysnikle!

Being a stay at home mom for the past 7 years, it is very inspiring to witness how strongly the metaverse can change lifes!
Thanks to the infrastructure TheSandbox has created, SparkySnikle has discovered a new passion that she can pursue while taking care of her family.

At Sandstorm, those are the people we want to empower and give once in a lifetime opportunities! Thank you Sparky for being with us since october and trusting our team, it means a lot!

A word from SparkySnikle

Hello SandFam, I am SparkySnikle.

While randomly watching YouTube videos, I was introduced to the idea of The Sandbox and the opportunity for creating 3D art and animations. In October of 2021, I downloaded VoxEdit and began my first attempt at making an Avatar of the Tenth Doctor and his sonic screwdriver. Enthused by how quickly I picked up the tools, and further inspired by finding The Official Sandbox livestreams with PandaPops, I began to put together assets for a portfolio.

Along the way I found The SandStorm discord and began to enjoy learning about all sorts of metaverse projects from their on-stream interviews. Then, they hosted a contest and I decided that would be an excellent way to push myself and continue to learn more. My entry seemed fairly simple to me, but I was very proud of the animation I had managed. I considered it a win, because I learned so much through the process. Actually winning the contest was a huge shock to me.
To this day I am extremely thankful to SandStorm and the community as a whole for the confidence boost that kept me moving forward! I do my best to spread that positivity and encouragement by sharing what I’ve learned and continue to learn however/wherever I can.

Proudly, I am now part of a team working on building projects in The Sandbox. Credit to SandStorm and the friendships they made possible are due. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, encouraged me, taught me, and pushed me!

By SparkySnikle
Sparky – Modern house

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