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Metaverse for Beginners: What is NFT Worlds?

Have you ever thought of owning your virtual world? Even if you haven’t, building a virtual world sounds fantastic. However, to create a metaverse platform, you need some advanced coding and design skill. This is where the NFT Worlds ecosystem comes to play.

NFT Worlds is a metaverse platform that promotes creativity in the play-to-earn industry. You can get creative and craft your digital world into anything without prior coding knowledge. Super cool, right? Let us discuss everything you need to know about the project.

NFT Worlds is a decentralized gaming platform where users can harness their creativity in the metaverse. The project created 10,000 unique worlds in the form of non-fungible tokens. Players can then purchase these worlds to design games and build limitless possibilities.

Features of NFT Worlds

After its launch in October 2021, NFT Worlds focused on nurturing its platform. The principal aim of their development was to reduce friction when building games, increase player adoption and provide a unified in-game currency.

So far, the team has been able to develop the following features:

World Manager: the world manager is a tool for NFT world owners to launch, stake, rent, and manage their world. The rental system enables world owners to rent out their assets monthly. Similarly, staking a world generates WRLD tokens for the owner.

World Explorer: this is a decentralized application for browsing the terrain of NFT Worlds’ metaverses. This tool is effective for world buyers who want to explore worlds before buying.

Open-source Multiplayer Server: This is a fork of an open-source Minecraft server codebase. The multiplayer codebase contains all NFT Worlds APIs. Therefore, you can quickly develop games in a world. The multiplayer codebase allows over 500 players to play games at once within a world. In addition, the infrastructure enables the network of multi-metaverse to function efficiently even when a world is offline.

Other significant features in the NFT Worlds ecosystem include $WRLD Payments API, custodial player wallets, gasless transactions, cross-platform support, player NFT verification, etc.

NFT Worlds utility token

WRLD is the native currency of NFT Worlds’ metaverse platform. WRLD (or $WRLD) is the standard utility token across all NFT Worlds. The token runs on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain networks. Its availability and utility provide a fault-tolerant and fully decentralized economy for NFT World players.

WRLD token is easy to buy on NFT Worlds and use in the ecosystem. Players can automatically make all in-game transactions through a wallet available on the platform. As a result, $WRLD facilitates gasless transactions within NFT Worlds.

WRLD token serves three primary purposes: payments, player rewards, and in-game transactions. NFT World owners make money by charging players a fee to play in their world. Players pay $WRLD to access games, buy shops, and upgrade their gaming items. Meanwhile, players don’t just subscribe to a game for nothing.

NFT Worlds is a play-to-earn project. Hence, players can earn WRLD tokens when playing in an NFT World. Also, there are rewards for players who win multiplayer games. In addition, players who join concerts and other events in metaverse worlds earn WRLD tokens.

Players can trade gaming items among themselves. Additionally, you can buy any item or perks from a player or sell them on NFT Worlds marketplace. Player to player trades is completed using WRLD tokens.

$WRLD has a circulating supply of over 500 million tokens. The coin is worth $82 million by market cap. Since its launch in December 2021, WRLD has been the primary cryptocurrency of NFT Worlds.

How the game works

Each world is a unique 3D voxel world with similar components. Their in-game experiences are verifiable on the blockchain, and on-chain resources are tied to the NFT Worlds token. Also, any future developments within the game will comprise all the 10,000 worlds.

Owning a world is like owning a metaverse platform. Users’ creativity and uniqueness have no bond. After buying an NFT world, you can create games or build a universe. Likewise, you may transform your world into a venue for concerts and community hangouts. Moreover, you may develop a city where players can live and co-exist.  

Meanwhile, be sure to create something fun and exciting. Players will only play metaverse games that offer incredible entertainment. In addition, world owners should know that an interconnection exists among worlds in the multi-metaverse.

Building Your World

Since every metaverse starts with a world, NFT Worlds provides a capable ground to build a virtual world. To begin with, you have to buy an NFT world on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Mintable, or Looksrare. An NFT World is a randomly generated terrain with unique features. Each world is of 16,000,000 by 16,000,000 block size. Hence, builders have infinite space to craft their ideas.

As you might expect, each world has its unique attribute. Buyers will find information such as the geography of a planet, its resources, and special features world below its image. Other traits your world may offer are higher staking rewards, greater visibility to players, and features you won’t find in another world.

After buying a world, get your its seed phrase and generate your world through Minecraft Java. After that, you can launch a single-player new world, give it a name and upload it to NFT Worlds website. Meanwhile, you have to go through a very different process to create a multiplayer world. Building a multiplayer metaverse requires some design skill. You may do this yourself or hire independent builders.

Click here to learn more about building a metaverse on NFT Worlds.

NFT Worlds and Minecraft

NFT Worlds has a vision of becoming a genuinely decentralized multi-metaverse ecosystem. Accordingly, the project needs to find a suitable ground for its goal. Rather than build an unproven game from scratch, NFT Worlds decided to bootstrap their platform with Minecraft. Therefore, NFT Worlds can focus its team effort on designing metaverse worlds.

Bootstrapping with Minecraft opens the way for incredible opportunities for players. For example, you can access NFT Worlds on Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Thus, over 100 million players familiar with these gaming systems can easily interact with NFT Worlds. Also, world owners building single-player games can use the simple world-building programs available on Minecraft.

No doubt, partnership with Minecraft allows NFT Worlds to focus on the essential part of their project – non-fungible metaverse worlds.

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