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Sandstorm Builder of the Week – Maxie Mac

This week, we are happy to showcase Maxie Mac!

Maxie is a Sandstorm OG, he participated in the very first Sandstorm contest and kept engaging with the community. It was especially amazing to see how he grew as a Voxel Artist over time, progressively improving his skills and becoming a master of his craft.

His hard work and dedication are the reasons why we decided to reward him by including him in the april Sandstorm X Sandbox drop.

Take a look at his works down below!

A word from Maxie Mac:

Hey everyone!

My name is Maxie, of course it’s my online persona only.  I’ve began delving into vox edit and game maker in Nov 2021.  At first, I wasn’t aware of the possibilities of both programs, considering they are free, I wasn’t expecting too much.  How wrong was I?

Vox edit doesn’t come with instructions, there are useful videos included though; to help beginners get started and I was grateful to have them there. I also searched for help and tips online and was thrilled to see a few streamers were doing ‘live classes’.  At that moment I began to understand and saw the potential. I’m an avid gamer, have been all my life. I’ve played most genres and enjoy checking out other users experiences on game maker.

The Sandbox and Sandstorm has seen huge growth in the past few months.  Now with the opportunity to mint and sell our own creations on the Sandstorm Marketplace, this is the perfect time to be involved and I’m delighted to be a part of such an amazing community and indeed ‘family’, we have a growing list of ‘Sandfam’ members. We all have the potential to generate content which not only looks great but has utility in game (how awesome is that) so the future for everyone involved is looking very promising.  This is the only place to be right now.

The Images below are a selection of my growing collection.  Jump in, it really isn’t as hard as you might think.  You can also check me out on my socials
Thanks for your time.

Maxie Mac

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