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The Community-Driven Metaverse Writer Program

SandStorm has been a community-driven company since its start in 2021 and we’re excited to announce the 2022 metaverse writer program launches this week. Now with thousands of readers every month on the blog, we’ve teamed up with 10 amazing writers from the web3 community to launch our first contributing writer initiative. The concept of the program is simple, 10 contributing writers will allow our community to have a direct voice via our blog.

Multiple SandStormers in the community have referred to this Metaverse Writer Program as a “Vice News of the Metaverse” approach to our blog and we’d agree with that analogy. We’ve found there’s a large gap between what is possible and what is known to be possible from brands about the metaverse currently. Writers and journalists historically have been able to help bridge that gap in emerging markets through unbiased articles however it’s very important to make sure the incentives are correctly established.

Metaverse Topics

The contributing writers are all excited to cover topics around;
1. Metaverse news & trends
2. New experiences in the metaverse
3. Stories about metaverse fashion & real estate
4. Overviews from our live streams
5. Jobs in the metaverse
6. Education and much more


The 10 writers in the program are starting on a two-week trial period where each person will publish two 1,000 word articles. After the 2-week trial is complete, our team will look through the content and evaluate each for quality, uniqueness, and overall engagement. From there we will offer 3 or 4 of the best writers a contract to continue with this program.

Similar to many community-driven initiatives someone on our team will review every article before it goes live to make sure everyone is publishing content that’s positive and provides true value to the community.


In order for this program to be a success for the community, we’ll need everyone’s help sharing their favorite contributor articles on Twitter. With that said, each article will have “Written by [________] contributor to the SandStorm blog” at the top which allows all the contributing writers to get recognition for their work upfront and center. Making sure each writer gets exposure for their work is extremely important to us and should be highlighted.

If this program works the way we hope it will, each writer will grow their audiences on social media from their work here and contribute to the SandStorm blog long-term. With hundreds of metaverse-focused projects launching every week, it’s vital to get the community involved with vetting. Having multiple writers out in the wild to talk with the builders of new experiences in the metaverse will be crucial for the entire metaverse and we’re excited to lead the charge here.

At this time we are not going to announce the individual names of each writer in the program as it’ll be important to share organically as the articles go live.

If you want to learn more on how to support the writers be sure to join our Discord and Follow us on Twitter