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Sandfam Spotlight #4

Are you interested in seeing what’s happening behind the curtains? The SANDFAM spotlight is here for you!
We are bringing you weekly showcases of builds, experiences and more.. done by independent builders and Builder studios!
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“Tummy button fairy” (@yujujae, Illustration) fan art with #voxedit



Like the artist here, we keep building!



Empyreum Project Gravity Generator Want to see this asset in the game? Visit the experience Empyreum Rock, created for the Voxodeus Game Jam by me and @maddoxoffurya



Medieval Tower made of brick, stone and wood.
Total height: 16 Meter / 16 Blocks.
The Tower Room windows allow a good overview over your LAND!


One of our assets made it to #TSB #CreatorFund May highlights
Here’s Chads first appearance in “Chad On A Boat” now for sale on @TheSandboxGame marketplace


Have you ever dreamt to relax in a Floating House in the middle of the sea? Now it is you chance! This place breathes of ocean breeze and modern art..
Is this your perfect summer getaway?
All assets for the house created by me in @VoxEdit


Here’s a game I made for the Smurfs Gamejam! A simple game focused on level design but I hope you enjoy it! pg13+

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