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Sandbox X Sandstorm Drop (april)

2 months after the first SANDSTORM X SANDBOX Drop, we are back with new additions to the Collection!

Go to the NFT Collection on The Sandbox Marketplace by clicking here!

Twice a month, Sandstorm holds Contests for their community, where the best metaverse builders compete against each other in order to win big prizes!
All builders you will see down below worked very hard to earn a spot. In fact, only the top 3 Builders of each contest have the chance to get included in our future NFT collections.

In this drop, we featured the winners of the Builders Contests #3, #4 and #5!

Let’s take a look at the trailer!

If you want to learn more about Sandstorm, feel free to join our discord (click here)!

We also have a contest currently ongoing! (read more here)

Who are the individual builders behind all those assets?

Winner – Builders contest #4

3rd place – Builders contest #4

2nd place – Builders contest #4

Yevhenii Melnychuk
3rd place – Builders contest #5

Briah 1618
2nd place – Builders contest #5 / Builder of the week (read more here)

Meta Seven
Winner – Builders contest #3

Maxie Mac
Builder of the Week (read more here) and Sandstorm OG

2nd place – Builders contest #3

Cyberphoenix studios
3rd place – Builders contest #3

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