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Metaverse for Beginners: What is Gala Games?

Gala Games is a blockchain gaming platform that designs play-to-earn games. Gala Games doesn’t make the idea of blockchain gaming more complex than necessary. Instead, their primary aim is to create games that everyone will want to play.

Eric Schiermeyer founded Gala Games in 2019 as a blockchain-based game network. His central idea was a project that gives power to the people. Of course, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens make that possible. So, Gala Games employs NFTs in every significant aspect of their design. 

Several items within the Gala Games ecosystem are non-fungible tokens. Whenever players buy, win, or earn in-game items, such items are verifiable on the blockchain. Thus, they belong to players.

Gala Games also provide a fairground for their community. The team gives power to the community by allowing them to vote on decisions regarding the ecosystem. Further points in this article will explain how players are key to Gala Network.

Games on Gala Games

Gala Games currently features about ten play-to-earn games. Although, six out of these games are still under development. Regardless, let us examine what players can expect from each video game Gala Games offers:

Spider Tanks

The Netherlands-based developer – GAMEDIA designed this game. Spider Tanks is a player vs player (PvP) brawler where players battle out within any Spider Tank arena. You can select tank bodies and weapons in the garage or purchase them in the Spider Tank store as non-fungible assets.


Superheroes have become evil and dangerous in this third-person shooter game. Therefore, players seek to hunt superheroes, steal their powers and save the world. Every superhero a player takes down increases his power in future attempts. Superior is under development and will launch in Q4 2022.

The Walking Dead- Empires

This is a multiplayer game where players must survive its harsh realities. Surviving requires that a player collect supplies and even construct a home. Likewise, a player may have allies to help fight for survival. Ember Entertainment is still developing the game and is yet to give a release date.

Legends Reborn

Legends Reborn is a card game where players build decks and take up challenges. The collection of cards and creatures you amass will help you build decks capable of winning. Legends Reborn is still in the development stage during this writing.

Town Star

Town star is a metaverse game built by Gala Games. Starting, a player has to choose a site in a good location and get to work. The game delivers a lot of fun, including hiring workers and selling farm produce. Furthermore, players build towns and generate cash flow through various means. Town Star periodically gives rewards to the best town builders on the leaderboard.

Most play-to-earn games available on Gala Games employ GALA as their reward token. However, Town Star has a separate reward token known as TOWN. Players earn TOWN in different ways: completing challenges, selling things they produce in Town Star cities, etc. 


Mirandus is also a metaverse game and an idea of Gala Games. The epic fantasy RPG is a game of five cities where players are free to choose where they belong. You may decide to live and trade in any of the cities. Similarly, a player might choose to serve the monarchs of any city. Otherwise, you can move to the wilderness and live there.

Ownership of in-game assets is an integral part of Mirandus. While Mirandus is still in development, its gaming items are already available for sale.


The video game developer – 22cans is still developing Legacy. Like Town Star, players will need to be creative when managing a town, building houses, and designing products. The more creative and unique your products are, the more profit you make.

Last Expedition

Last Expedition is a blockchain-based AAA game that will deliver a high-quality gaming experience. Players of Last Expedition will do all they can to survive in the hostile alien world. Last Expedition is fully developed and awaiting the vote of Gala Nodes before its launch.

Echoes of Empire

This is a sci-fi game where players fight to gain control in a sector of the galactic system. In Echoes of Empire, you can recruit heroes and knights, join massive guilds, mine resources or fight over them. All game assets you acquire are yours, including sectors of the galaxy and its resources.


Fortified is a PvP game set in a dark fantasy world. Players build and grow villages but don’t just stay idle in them. In Fortified, you invade villages, and other players attack your settlement. Every village must build defenses or risk becoming plunder to invading armies. Ready to be a metaverse warrior? Fortified is set to launch in Q4 2022.  

Who governs Gala Games?

Players and the general Gala Games community don’t just own in-game items; they also own the roadmap. The team wants to develop the Gala ecosystem based on the latest technological advancements and their community’s taste. As a result, Gala Games has no whitepaper or pre-determined roadmap.

Individuals who own and operate nodes are the primary fuel of the Gala network. There are two forms of nodes within Gala games – the central node and game-specific nodes. The central node is known as Founder’s node or Gala node. Meanwhile, the Town Star node is the only game-specific node as of this writing.

To run a node, a user needs to buy a license. Currently, the permit for one Gala Node is worth 562,212 GALA coins. Although Town Star has sold out all its node licenses, each node is worth 82,850 GALA coins.

Founder’s Node operators are central in the smooth running of the ecosystem. They help to validate transactions and make decisions. Also, they vote on games to be added to the Gala Games ecosystem. Furthermore, node owners vote to decide what projects should receive funding from Gala Games.

In exchange for their service, Founder’s Node operators earn GALA coins and limited edition NFTs. On the other hand, Town Star node owners earn TOWN token – the native token of the Town Star game.

GALA token

The native token of Gala Games is known as GALA. GALA serves as a reward token for most play-to-earn games on the platform. Likewise, it helps in the decision-making process of the GALA network. Accordingly, players and community members who stake GALA have some level of voting rights.

On the 21st of July of every year, there is a halving event for the amount of GALA distributed daily. This technique helps to regulate the supply of GALA tokens. The maximum number of GALA tokens that will exist is 35 billion GALA. In the meantime, about 7 billion GALA coins are currently in circulation.

GALA is available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana blockchain networks. Founder’s Node operators validate GALA transactions and ensure that Gala Network is safe. According to Gala Games, there will only be 50,000 Founder’s node owners.

Since its launch in 2020, the GALA token has gone through significant growth. Currently, it is worth over $1.2 billion by market cap. In addition, the token price has been able to grow from $0.01 to an all-time high of $0.84.

The future of the Gala Games

Gala Games is a growing project that delivers excellent features. The platform boasts 1.3 million monthly users. They have sold about 26,000 NFTs, and one of those digital arts sold for a remarkable $3 million. With even more games coming to Gala Games in a few months, Gala Games growth is limitless in the metaverse industry.

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