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Who Is: Metaverse HQ

What Is Metaverse HQ?

A community-focused organization of highly engaged investors, builders, and educators in the Web3 space, Metaverse HQ is the leading NFT Alpha Group. With 1,300+ active members, it is an international community that communicates via Discord through specific text channels and also a 24/7 voice chat with 100s of members sharing alpha, investment strategies, market analytics, and technical analysis at any given time.

If a project is featured as a partner in the Metaverse HQ group, you can be confident that the project is heavily vetted. Criteria include but are not limited to; actual community members (not paid for followers), self-sustaining mechanics, carefully considered drop details, and founder commitment. 

After joining, you’ll enter an exclusive Discord community run by full-time, top NFT traders, investors, and enthusiasts who compile essential information from across the NFT space and present it organized, timely, and actionable. The community is built around a culture of respect, sharing knowledge, and members helping other members.

What Content Do They Provide?

  • Daily updates on the hottest upcoming drops.
  • Daily summaries on what’s happening in the NFT world.
  • 24-hour voice chat discussing alpha strategy.
  • In-depth strategy write-ups.
  • Important updates on collections that could affect the price.
  • Real-time access to experts in the field.

The Metaverse HQ membership NFT, which provides entry into the MVHQ community, boasts a $13.5 million market cap with over $13.5 million volume traded. The next wave of membership sales will occur at the end of 2022.

How Much Were Memberships Originally Minted For?

The NFT sales took place in 3 waves of 0.09Ξ, 0.12Ξ, and 0.12Ξ. They also gave around 200 keys away to OG members in the Discord before deciding to monetize them.

How To Become An MVHQ Whale

Members who hold their 5+ keys through the end of 2022 receive lifetime access to Metaverse HQ. They also receive an “HQ Whale” role and whale-only chat.

Don’t have enough time to keep up with the NFT space? Are you looking for guidance and strategy on what to collect? Would you like to become a member of a community that will quickly answer your questions as well as engage in thoughtful discussion? MVHQ can help! So, without further adieu, let’s find out how to get involved.

How To Verify A Key & Receive Your Member Role

  • On Discord:
  • Navigate to #collabland-verify.
  • Click “Let’s go”.
  • Another message from the Collab Land bot will appear. Click “Connect Wallet”.
  • A new browser window will appear. Connect your wallet and sign the message.

For mobile, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to #collabland-verify.
  • Click “Let’s go”.
  • Another message from the Collab Land bot will appear. Click “Connect Wallet”.
  • A new browser window will appear. Copy the entire URL from the tab that opens up and paste it into the browser in your Metamask App (or whatever wallet you prefer).
  • Connect and sign the message.
  • During periods of high volume, Collab.Land can take several minutes to assign a new role.
  • You must own a key, or it will not work.

Memberships are available on Opensea. You can purchase a key by following this link, but remember, memberships only last until the end of 2022 unless you have “whale” status (5+ keys). The current membership key will no longer grant access to our Discord. A newly released key will need to be purchased. MVHQ is actively looking for ways to provide value to the keys past 2022 but cannot promise anything at this time. 

Is Collab.Land Safe To Use?

Yes, they are a trusted Discord verification service. Many long-established NFT projects use Collab.Land, like Bored Ape Yacht Club and NBA Top Shot.

NFT Trading Community

MVHQ provides an open forum for discussion on upcoming projects with the largest whales and most active traders in the NFT space. This includes minting strategies, secondary plays, and also overall portfolio allocation.

Educational Content

Metaverse HQ’s main focus is on education and security and most of all, ensuring their members have the proper tools and knowledge to prosper. They host the best and brightest minds in the NFT space to provide the most up-to-date information to empower the community.

Exclusive Access

MVHQ partners with the top innovative and forward-thinking brands within the Metaverse space to establish long-term relationships for the benefit of the community through exclusive whitelists, early access, private information, and special perks only available for MVHQ members.

Metaverse HQ is an exclusive discord community run by full-time NFT traders, investors, and enthusiasts. The goal is to guide their members through the sea of information that is the NFT space by providing tools and strategies necessary to make profitable decisions.

Their Discord provides daily updates on airdrops as well as in-depth strategy write-ups on upcoming popular and undervalued drops, daily summaries on what’s happening in the NFT world, and real-time access to experts in the field.

The community is what makes this Discord special. MVHQ makes sure that its members receive 20% of all sales (primary and secondary) which goes into a community fund for members to decide on how to use it. 3% of the total sales go towards the weekly giveaways. Also, an additional 6% goes into the exclusive weekly giveaways for whales holding 5+ keys.

It is not a brand-new discord. MVHQ is an established community that’s now opening its doors to investors of all kinds. 

MVHQ Statistics

Metaverse HQ is a one-piece NFT collection stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The current floor price for a Metaverse HQ NFT is 2.7 ETH – $5,216.27. The total sales volume for Metaverse HQ is 4.67K ETH – $9,015,496.04.

Metaverse HQ NFTs were sold eight times in the last seven days. The total sales volume for MVHQ in that time was $36.24k, and the average price of one of these membership NFTs was $4.5k. There are currently 1,316 Metaverse HQ owners, owning a total supply of 1 token.

How To Participate Today

If you want to join the community without paying the current 2nd market prices, join their Twitter and YouTube channels. They are also actively developing their Twitch channel to do live streams as often as possible. 

Metaverse Of Choice

As a community, Metaverse HQ is highly focused on the SandBox metaverse. The SandBox has exciting development ahead, a strong foundation, asset integration, and strong backing. Furthermore, Metaverse HQ owns a 3×3 plot of land. Expect exciting games, social interactions, and exclusive member access.