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Metaverse Jobs That Could Be Hot In The Future

The metaverse has garnered significant mainstream attention with the entrance of brands such as Meta, Nickelodeon, and others. This widespread adoption of the metaverse has the potential to open up new career opportunities across different sectors. Many of these roles will be needed to expand and propel the sector forward. Major corporations are showing an interest in the metaverse, including Microsoft, Google, Roblox, and Nvidia, which will likely have a favorable impact on the job market. 

Metaverse — Connecting With The Virtual World

The metaverse is the integration of different technologies that enable participants to engage in real-time activities in the virtual world, such as events, games, meetings, and so on. For instance, the metaverse will enable you to converse, attend meetings, art/music shows, parties, or any other events using a virtual avatar that symbolizes the identity of the user.

In the metaverse, you can purchase land where your avatar might reside. Digital currencies are used to buy anything you desire in the metaverse, like clothes, shields and swords for games, houses, and so much more. 

The idea behind it is to let people access the same experiences that they would typically have in the real-time world and more. Let’s say an artist wants to host a concert on a metaverse platform; people can attend and enjoy their concert using avatars, which serve as representations of them in the virtual world. This demonstrates how the metaverse acts as the extension of real-world experiences, transforming them into virtual ones.

The metaverse job market is projected to reach a valuation of $800 billion by 2024, and 10,000 jobs are projected to be added to the metaverse market within the next five years. These metaverse jobs will help to spur growth and pave the way for the wide adoption of the metaverse.

There is a range of metaverse jobs that already exist, which include 3D designers, hardware designers, digital managers, metaverse architects, and so much more that might become available in the future.

Already-Existing Metaverse Jobs

Metaverse Architect

The metaverse depends on engagement and structures, which means objects, designs, and experiences need to be created for the metaverse to become a reality.

The principal driver in the development of the metaverse is the architects. Metaverse architects design the structures, i.e., buildings, monuments, etc., that make up the virtual world and allow for interaction between users. 

Avatar Clothing Stylist/Designer

In the metaverse, avatars stand in for users’ virtual identities, and people will want their avatars to appear good and wear different accessories and fashionable clothing. This is where the stylist enters the picture. The duty of an avatar clothing designer is that of a personal stylist, dressing up avatars to the user’s delight.

AR/VR Software Engineer

The role of a software engineer is critical to sustaining the technological aspects of the metaverse. Because you will work with cutting-edge technology to create platforms that allow for interactive user experiences, coding proficiency is required for this role. 

This will be a hot position in the future as businesses/companies will want skilled virtual reality/augmented reality software engineers to create programs for a variety of metaverse platforms.

Event Manager

Metaverse events are a buzzword at the moment. In addition to the hype around virtual concerts lately, there are so many web3 virtual conferences and events organized worldwide.

This job requires technical skills to run the events on these virtual platforms. A metaverse event manager will take their time to plan the event’s execution, lay out procedures, and offer support. People who are familiar with this emerging industry and have a good understanding of it will be in great demand as the metaverse develops.

3D Game Designer

A 3D game designer will be a sought-after metaverse job role. Game designers are in charge of creating unique gaming experiences that captivate lots of players. Traditional game designers can expand their skill sets in the metaverse for a change in career path.

Metaverse Marketing Specialist

If you have already developed the web2 skill of marketing, a great opportunity to discover the metaverse is by becoming a metaverse marketing expert. 

This role involves developing billboards in the metaverse, running advertising campaigns to promote items or projects in the virtual world, and connecting with users.

Product Manager 

As the metaverse evolves and more individuals show an interest in it, the demand for different products will be high. As a result, companies will require product managers to work with engineering and design teams to grow products. This job role entails testing new products, launching new ideas, taking responsibility for the end-user experience, and fostering product development.

Hardware Engineers 

Hardware engineers will be needed for AR/VR activities in the metaverse. This role involves building hardware such as headsets, wearables, cameras, and sensors. These technologies already exist, but additional upgrades are required to make them lighter, wireless, and able to interact with touch, the environment, and our sensations. 


With the metaverse industry growing, it will be a prime target for hackers. The metaverse will be subject to security risks as it is vulnerable to data theft and cyberattacks. Security procedures will need to be addressed to guarantee that users’ data is safe while using the metaverse, and this is where the cybersecurity expert for the metaverse comes in. Real-time attack prevention is a big part of this job, as is making sure that laws and protocols are updated in a timely manner. You will need to have experience in programming and cybersecurity to be considered for this metaverse job.

Virtual Tour Guide

Since the metaverse is still developing, many users are unfamiliar with how to navigate the virtual space. First-time visitors will benefit from a tour guide’s assistance. The duties of a virtual tour guide will include assisting, advising, and accommodating visitors of different spaces within the metaverse.


Storytellers will be needed in the metaverse for storytelling experiences that go with simulations, sports, puzzles, social interactions, and much more. This role can involve writing scripts for animated films or screenplays, writing instructional storylines, or composing stories for games of all genres. For this job, you will need to understand the fundamentals of storytelling/writing and make use of the prevailing technologies in story writing.

World Builder

The role of a metaverse world builder will require similar expertise to that of a video-game designer but with more broad and sophisticated responsibilities.

Worldbuilders will have to be forward-thinking, as addressing the various social ramifications of what takes place in these emerging worlds is crucial.

Virtual Real Estate Agent

There are already virtual properties that have been built in the metaverse, and real estate agents are required to market and lease these properties. The creation, management, consulting, and marketing of properties are some aspects of this metaverse job.

Ecosystem Developer

The ecosystem developer will determine what the communities in the metaverse need and then work with the people who create the foundational elements of the ecosystem. Additionally, they would need to coordinate with partners and guarantee that customers are able to use their virtual goods in various contexts. The ecosystems in the metaverse will revolve around social media sites, games, and communities.

Research Scientist

Businesses or enterprises can track how they are performing in the metaverse with the help of research scientists. The research scientist can offer information on what individuals choose to use, such as how frequently they interact with a product or what games they play more. This data is beneficial to businesses because they can then determine whether demand for products is increasing, what needs their products address the most, and whether they need to rethink their strategies.

Safety Manager

Metaverse safety managers keep an eye on everything happening in the space and make sure that everyone is safe. They can verify compliance with regulatory requirements, monitor hacking attempts, and report online harassment, for instance. Additionally, they will need to identify potential uses and abuses of metaverse features and come up with safety precautions to take in response to their projections.