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How to Buy Virtual Land in The Sandbox Metaverse

The Sandbox metaverse is one of the leading virtual worlds. As a blockchain-based platform, it allows users to gain early access to the emerging metaverse economy. Accordingly, you can own digital assets as NFTs in The Sandbox Metaverse.

The NFT technology allows for uncensored ownership and easy exchange of whatever digital asset you might own. Therefore, all virtual items available on The Sandbox metaverse are non-fungible tokens.

A significant digital asset on this platform is virtual land (or LAND). Similar to the earth, LAND is the foundation of every metaverse. You need a LAND to build virtual houses, shopping outlets, gaming experiences, or other metaverse property.

The process of buying LAND on The Sandbox is straightforward. Nevertheless, this article will discuss the vital details you must note when buying land NFTs of The Sandbox within and outside the platform.  

Buying a Virtual Land in The Sandbox Metaverse

What you need to buy a LAND

Virtual lands are non-fungible tokens that run on blockchain networks. Currently, existing on the blockchain is the most feasible way for them to remain decentralized assets. Accordingly, your first need is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store virtual land as a collectible.  

In the case of The Sandbox metaverse, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, you need a wallet that supports the ERC-20 network, preferably MetaMask. After installing the MetaMask app, set up a new wallet by following the necessary backup procedure.

After that, visit The Sandbox website to sign in using your wallet, email, or social media account. The Sandbox will sync with the assets in your wallet when you sign in to the platform with a crypto wallet. Meanwhile, you can also sign in using WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet.  

After creating a wallet, you need to add Ethereum or SAND tokens to your wallet. You may purchase the cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges like Binance or buy with a debit card in your wallet. Meanwhile, remember to transfer via Ethereum blockchain when sending from exchanges.

Although you can buy virtual land from other platforms with only Ethereum, you need SAND tokens if you are buying from The Sandbox NFT marketplace.

Once a wallet with Ethereum (or Ethereum and SAND) is ready, the next step is for you to visit an NFT marketplace and purchase land NFTs of The Sandbox metaverse.

Where can you buy the virtual land of The Sandbox metaverse?

When you buy an NFT, you initiate a transaction to transfer the asset from the seller’s wallet to your wallet. Thus, the central role of an NFT marketplace is to automate the exchange using smart contracts.  

The best place to purchase virtual land is the marketplace of The Sandbox itself. Interested buyers might wait for public sales whereby The Sandbox metaverse will sell LANDs officially and at discounted prices.

On the other hand, if you do not own SAND or for other reasons, you can opt for secondary NFT markets like Opensea, LooksRare, and Rarible. Land prices on these platforms are generally higher than that of The Sandbox metaverse.   

The third way to buy LAND is through a peer-to-peer exchange. Although this article does not encourage you to use this method, P2P is also a way to exchange virtual land. If you need to use this method, ensure you buy from a family or trusted friend.

How to identify genuine virtual lands

Regardless of the platform from which you are purchasing LAND, always verify that the item you are about to buy is a piece of LAND in The Sandbox metaverse. Consider these two ways of verifying the authenticity of LANDs:

The Sandbox’s map: A virtual land will have coordinates identifying its location within The Sandbox metaverse. Buyers should ensure that the coordinates of land are correctly written.

Also, ensure you verify the land on The Sandbox’s official map. As a rule of thumb, you should not buy any LAND whose coordinates are unverifiable on the map.

Note: coordinates of metaverse lands can be written differently. For example (-40, -6), (-186, 158), (49, -167), or (73, 154).

Contract address: all NFT collections have contract addresses. It is the blockchain address on which the assets were created or the address that owns them. Consequently, you can verify a piece of land by checking if its contract address matches the one provided by The Sandbox metaverse.

Likewise, buyers can click on the address to check its info on Etherscan. If the address’ overview matches with The Sandbox, the LAND is a genuine piece.

Note: on January 28, 2022, The Sandbox metaverse migrated its LANDs to a new smart contract. Consequently, the contract address changed from 0x50f5474724e0ee42d9a4e711ccfb275809fd6d4a to 0x5CC5B05a8A13E3fBDB0BB9FcCd98D38e50F90c38.

How to buy virtual land

On The Sandbox marketplace

When you visit The Sandbox, click on the three lines at the top-left corner of the homepage and select “MAP.” This map will display all LAND NFTs available on the platform.

According to the map, these are what colors of LANDs represent:

  • Grey: LANDs and Estates available for sale.
  • Yellow: premium LANDs.
  • Green: purchased pieces of LAND.
  • Red: LANDs that you own. If you do not connect a wallet or do not own any LANDs or Estates, you will not see any red color.
  • Purple: booked LANDs. If a potential buyer fails to pay within two hours of booking a LAND, the purple color will turn grey again.

After selecting a parcel of LAND to buy, you will see a page to place a bid or buy the asset immediately.

Meanwhile, if you visit the MARKET directly, you can easily select which LAND or Estate you wish to purchase. Moreover, most LANDs in The Sandbox metaverse are sold via Opensea.

On Opensea or others

  1. When buying LANDs on secondary marketplaces, consider the following steps:
  2. Ensure that the NFT collection you select is verified and the LAND belongs to The Sandbox metaverse.
  3. Click on “Buy Now” to make an instant purchase or “Make Offer” to place a bid.
  4. By clicking “Buy Now,” you agree to pay the seller’s price. Therefore, select “Complete Purchase.”
  5. You will see a page to confirm your payment. Finally, click “Continue” and verify the transaction in your wallet.

Owning a piece of virtual land in The Sandbox metaverse makes you a metaverse landlord alongside Binance, Gemini, South China Morning Post, and other large companies.