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Today we’re excited to announce our marketplace build proposals are live to further establish the open metaverse construction market. Through this first-of-its-kind proposal and bid-based system, we’re able to directly connect brands with both individual builders and metaverse development studios. We’ve been busy building this first-of-its-kind platform for months and are super excited to finally show the world these first big steps for on-demand metaverse building.

Since our beta launch in March 2022 at SXSW we’ve grown to become the largest metaverse builder community globally reaching over 10 million people per month. This rapid growth has attracted hundreds of brands and agencies worldwide to bring their business into the virtual world.

Metaverse builders can now directly message, bid on proposals, and get hired to bring brands into The Sandbox, Decentraland, and multiple other virtual worlds. Many beta testers have referred to this as an “Upwork of the metaverse” where teams of builders work together on builds. Instead of one studio or one individual builder developing a 12×12 plot now brands can hire teams of 10 builders from all over the world to complete their project.

This distributed approach allows brands to hire the best of the best on SandStorm and execute their metaverse vision directly from one dashboard.

By lowering the barrier to entry for brands to hire metaverse builders, we’re able to empower builders and expand the construction market as a whole. In April, we released the first “cost to build in the metaverse” report where we established a price floor for builders on our platform. Now with this proposal and bid-based system, our data is going to further empower builders and ideally spark many many more studios globally.

We’ve started rolling this out to our first 100 beta testers to experiment with bidding on proposals and creating proposals. Over the next 90 days we’ll be rolling this out to the entire space in cohorts of users. With over 20 proposals and ready to go live having a feedback loop in place with our original 100 beta testers for the first few weeks is important.

Here is a quick demo of creating a proposal and submitting a bid (featuring Hallugram)

If you are interested in beta testing the proposals and bidding be sure to learn more on Discord.