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Who is still building in the metaverse?

The 2022 crypto bear market impacted almost all sectors related to blockchain technology. The metaverse is not excluded, as there was a significant decrease in the traffic of metaverse platforms.

Thus, you might wonder if anyone or any brand is still interested in building in the metaverse. This article will bring you some brands and countries that recently built experiences in the metaverse.

Habbo hotel on The Sandbox

Sulake, a company in Finland, founded Habbo, an online gaming platform with users from all over the planet (over 150 countries, to be precise). Habbo is played mainly by teenagers and young adults interested in meeting new friends easily or playing games in a virtual world.

Recently, Habbo partnered with The Sandbox to launch a metaverse hotel. This collaboration led to the creation of Habbo Hotel, a location in The Sandbox where the communities of both platforms discover new experiences. Furthermore, they can chat with millions of users from the communities. 

The hotel has a receptionist named Frank who caters to visitors. While exploring the game, players can learn more about Habbo’s virtual world and rich history. Gradually, players can understand the expanding gameplay and see how the game plots unfold.

M Socials by Millennium Hotels  

Millennium Hotels, a multinational hospitality company, launched a branch of its chain of hotels, M Social, on Decentraland in May 2022. The team modeled the hotel after its different franchises all over the world. They believe it would be a place where visitors can gather and explore different social activities. 

Furthermore, the team located the M Social virtual hotel near Genesis Plaza, the heart of Decentraland, making it a perfect point for visitors to socialize and discover new experiences. This aligns with the sentiment of the company’s chairman, Kwek Leng Beng, who stated that Millennium Hotel aims to integrate online tourism and adventures with real life. 

An online avatar is available to welcome visitors into the lobby. Subsequently, an avatar receptionist would also take guests on tour around the hotel. Guests who complete the tour have the opportunity to win free physical visits to Millennium Hotels.

South Korea builds a virtual copy of Seoul

Hotels are not the only ones building in the metaverse today. Countries like South Korea are also in on it. South Korea is among the foremost in Asia, integrating blockchain technology into its internal affairs. 

Earlier in 2022, the country doled out $200 million to metaverse builders to help actualize a project called “Metaverse Seoul.”

As of this writing, the three-phase project is underway. The first phase will focus on South Korean governmental agencies and their functions to the citizens. Next, the second phase will focus on commercial activities such as attracting foreign investors or building real estate. Finally, the builders will introduce suitable metaverse hardware for the virtual city. The hardware will allow them to control critical infrastructures of the “Metaverse Seoul.” 

Norway enters Decentraland metaverse

Besides South Korea, Norway is another country that has taken a keen interest in the metaverse. The Norwegian tax agency, Bronnoysund Register Center, plans to build a virtual office on Decentraland. This effort is to help the agency reach new taxpayers (young citizens) and enlighten them about the Norwegian tax system and legal matters related to tax. 

Interpol embraces the metaverse

Interpol recently launched its operations in the metaverse to offer intensive virtual training to security personnel across the country. Moreover, this will allow security personnel to communicate and exchange detailed information quickly and efficiently. Another unique feature of the virtual world is that users can freely navigate a carbon copy of Interpol’s head office in France.

One of the reasons for this initiative is the prevention of crime in the metaverse. Accordingly, the metaverse police will aid law enforcement agencies in experiencing the virtual world, making it easier to enforce the law in the metaverse.

JP Morgan establishes its metaverse presence

JP Morgan is the earliest bank to build in the metaverse by opening a lounge in Decentraland. The bank believes the metaverse offers excellent potential and a wide range of opportunities in the near future.

Metaverse visitors can tour JP Morgan’s Onyx Lounge in the Harajuku shopping district of Decentraland. Although JP Morgan was the first major bank to build in the metaverse, it is not the last.

HSBC in The Sandbox

HSBC, a British bank, has also entered the metaverse by buying a virtual plot of land on The Sandbox back in March 2022. While HSBC has refused to disclose the amount paid for the land, it intends to build an experience that will fittingly represent its brand in the metaverse industry. Also, HSBC plans to extend its presence in virtual worlds despite shutting down some physical branches.

How Sandstorm helps brand in building metaverse experiences

Sandstorm is a platform that connects brands with builders. We provide brands that are building in the metaverse with the best artists. So, whether you are a startup or a large corporation, our team of metaverse creators can deliver outstanding virtual experiences that will serve as your brand’s footprint in the metaverse. 


Despite the crypto market crash, some brands and authorities seek this opportunity to build metaverse experiences. While some established their virtual world to offer service to their citizens, to others, it’s business as usual. 

So, regardless of the temporary decrease in metaverse traffic, many still dare to build in the metaverse because they see the potential that virtual worlds .