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Who are the best metaverse builders? Sandstorm contest #6

Twice a month, Sandstorm holds contests where the best builders in the SandStorm community compete against each other by creating exotic, fun and breathtaking designs! On top of getting the opportunity to show off their talent, they are also fighting for huge prizes!

Yesterday, on the 26th of April, @gamedizzy and @Oscom hosted the voting stream of the sixth edition of the Sandstorm Builders contest! That’s where the 20 best works have been selected thanks to a community vote! Let’s find out who won!

If you are interested in participating in those contests, there is one ongoing right now! The Builders contest #7 will close out this Friday, 29th of April 2022 at 23h59 UTC. Click here if you want to learn more.

AND NOW TO THE WINNERS of the Builders contest #6
The goal was to create a party scene from scratch!

TOP 5 – 500 $SAND


TOP 4 – 500 $SAND


TOP 3 – 750 $SAND

The Diggers

TOP 2 – 1000 $SAND


TOP 1 – 1500 $SAND

Aaaand the winner iiiissssssssss…………

Honorable mentions – Winners who placed 6-10th place

View the Streams replay here:

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