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What you should know about Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022

Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival is back in 2022 with breathtaking musical experiences that will blow your mind. Sequel to the 2021 festival, Decentraland plans to deliver bigger and better musical concerts in its virtual world.

The 2022 Metaverse Music Festival features about 100 artists of diverse music genres. Moreover, Decentraland promises a host of unique NFT wearables that suit a music festival.

During the 2021 event, over 50,000 persons attended the festival to grace the performance of some 80 music personalities. Decentraland has made it easier for more people to attend this year’s festival and is ready to deliver a bigger and better event.

This article presents everything you need to know about the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival, which is fast approaching.

The 2022 Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival – When and Where?

Presented by Kraken, a leading crypto exchange, the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival (DCLMVMF22) will begin on November 10, 2022, and until November 13. This 4-day event will hold in Decentraland’s virtual world, and anyone can access the event through a PC.

The festival arena has a cyberpunk landscape, surrounded by the beauty of nature. At the center of DCLMVMF22 is a structure called the Tower of Babel. As described in the Bible, this tower led to a confusion of languages. Similarly, Decentraland’s version of the Tower of Babel will continuously fill everyone’s ear with a track that features phrases from 38 different languages.

According to Sam Hilton, Creative Director at Decentraland, Snow Crash and a global metaverse community inspired the mystical Tower of Babel. The track this tower will play endlessly features 38 members of Decentraland speaking the exact phrase in 38 different languages. Losers, a UK-based music band, mixed these phrases to produce a beautiful piece that everyone attending the festival will understand at some point.

Decentraland has come up with a more accessible way of bringing musical concerts to the metaverse, other than via VR headsets. It is integrating one of the latest motion capture technologies created by a startup called uses advanced AI and computer vision to transmit physical motion recorded with a camera to the metaverse. The software captures human motion recorded as video, retargets it to a person’s metaverse avatar, and exports the movement to a virtual environment.

In addition, Decentraland is integrating Kinetix to allow creators to generate instant NFTs. Kinetix is also an AI software that turns videos into 3D avatars or NFTs. With both technologies, Decentraland users will attend the best music performances ever done in an open virtual world.

Renowned artists you should expect in this year’s festival

The 2021 Metaverse Music Festival saw performances of music talents like Alison Wonderland, Paris Hilton, 3LAU, and 80 more. This year over 150 artists and musical bands will perform live on virtual stages across the world of Decentraland. Some of them are:

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Bjork
  • Soulja Boy
  • Revealed Recordings
  • Fold London
  • The Dead-Tones
  • LiL Yamaha
  • Amadis & The Ambassador
  • Billy Strings
  • Vladimir Cauchemar

Iconic performances in the 2022 Metaverse Music Festival

Decentraland is bringing Bjork, a music icon from Iceland, to the metaverse, for the first time. Bjork will host a premiere of her latest song, Sorrowful Soil when she performs for the first time in a virtual world.

Meanwhile, LIMEWIRE, a marketplace for digital collectibles, will host live performances of a few artists. Singers like Soulja Boy will be present to perform live as LIMEWIRE sets the stage for them in Decentraland.

Ozzfest, the popular annual music tour regularly held in the US and Europe, is also coming to the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival of 2022. The Ozzfest stage will feature music performances by Ozzy Osbourne and other heavy metal bands.

Moreover, DJ Dillon Francis will launch a club in the Vegas City of Decentraland throughout the fun-filled weekend. Festival Attendees from Japan or those who love Japanese music can also experience their favorite music genre in the metaverse. METATOKYO is hosting Japanese artists like the Atarashii Gaako girl group, which will perform live during the 2022 music festival.

Other appearances that attendees can expect include Izzy Bizu, LiL Yamaha, and Miya Miya performing a stage set by SOUNDR. Moreso, attendees can catch up with Billy Strings as she will be live on’s metaverse stage.

Decentraland recognizes that attendees may get tired of songs at some point. Therefore, it has arranged the launch of new virtual experiences that delivers more than music. Follow the Rabbit, Take the Blue Pill, and Portaloo are virtual experiences you can explore during the 4-day event.

Further, if competition is your thing, you can join the Backstage Pass Quest, MadMax Decentrally race, or a dance contest that uses NFT avatars known as Emotes.

Digital fashion and NFT wearables

A music festival is anything but dull. So, with the endless list of songs and artists to grace the music festival, Decentraland will also introduce unique festival wears.

These wears are in the form of avatar wearables and Emotes. While Wearables will bring out the gorgeous look of your avatar at the festival, Emotes can help you make the best use of the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Decentraland has added a section for Metaverse Music Festival NFTs in its internal marketplace. Assets in this category are primarily created for the music festival but will always be available after the event. Some of the NFTs are named after artists who will be present at the festival. For example, Soulja Boy sneaker, Cyberpunk Leather Jacket, ASAP sneaker, LIMEWIRE chain, etc.

Between October 12 – 31, Decentraland Foundation held a contest to reward creators with the best festival Emotes. This contest was to help keep the inspiration alive, as the creator with the best Emote goes home with 800 MANA and special recognition.

Although this festival does not replace the physical music festival experience, it shows that the metaverse is the future of entertainment in every form. As the 2022 Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival goes down, keep in mind that this is just the beginning of music in the metaverse.