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What is League of Kingdoms LOKA?

Blockchain technology has ultimately improved the way game players entertain themselves. Initially, players would spend countless hours beating several levels and teaming up with friends from different parts of the world. They would also collect in-game items that have no real or monetary value.

Today, the play-to-earn model has provided not only immersive experiences but also a means to earn real money for the time players expend. League of Kingdoms is one such game, and this article will discuss the following:

  1. What is League of kingdoms?
  2. How the game works.
  3. What the gameplay modes are
  4. What is the LOKA token?

What is the League of Kingdoms?

League of kingdoms is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is free-to-play and features three different gameplay modes. 

First is the Player vs. Environment (PvE) mode, where you can engage in tasks like constructing new kingdoms, mining resources and killing monsters. 

Secondly, in the Player vs. Player mode (PVP), you will face another challenge of battling other users’ kingdoms. Next, the play-to-earn (P2E) mode allows you to acquire land NFTs, tokenized resources, and other collectibles. Furthermore, you can form strong alliances with other players in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) mode.

Like most metaverse platforms, League of Kingdoms is a game universe where players interact and socialize with one another. If interests align, they can strategize and work together to defeat others and earn crypto rewards. 

While some players use the platform to unwind, others make it a source of livelihood. Meanwhile, League of Kingdoms is not just suitable for the fans of play to earn games but also for players who like to spend their free time on a gaming console.

How League of Kingdoms Works?

League of Kingdoms aims to be among the top blockchain games. To achieve that, its developers have worked to create a unique gameplay mode with multiple perks that have attracted over 90,000 active gamers worldwide. One of those perks is that players can build empires and expand or even form alliances with other players. Moreso, they use practical skill and strategy to wage war against other players. 

Consider other features of the League of Kingdoms:

Excellent design for DAO

The moment you begin the game, you will enter a world with a vast combination of economic, social, political, and game-theoric elements. Decentralized voting and governance system is an important feature that makes the League of Kingdoms game a fitting decentralized autonomous organization(DAO).

Engaging MMO Experiences

Currently, League of Kingdoms claims about 90,000 daily users and 400,000 monthly players. Various game modes like shrine wars, guild wars, and congress competitions help keep players busy.

World-class development team

Seasoned professionals worked together to make League of Kingdoms a success. Among the team is Chan Lee, the CEO, and co-founder, who mobilized other blockchain developers in creating this MMO game.

Play to earn economy

Players retain the ownership of properties acquired from the League of Kingdoms marketplace. Yes, a player can buy a plot of land and then develop it or invite others to do that on his behalf. To build a piece of land, players need to farm resources and spend considerable time playing the game. 

Meanwhile, the plots of land are all in the form of NFTs, meaning that it permanently belongs to those who buy them unless a land owner wishes to sell them to others.

What are the gameplay modes?

As said, League of Kingdoms has three primary gaming modes:

Single play mode

Like PC’s Age Of Empire, a player must single-handedly construct buildings and mine resources when building a kingdom. Also, within the domain, you can train soldiers by subscribing to the research that League of Kingdoms has provided. The researches contain abilities that will improve your soldier’s fighting ability. 

Additionally, a kingdom will contain structures such as farms, barracks, and forge, just like a physical empire.

PVP Mode

Since other players can invade your territory, you must always prepare for battle. In this game mode, you must defend your territory and its resources from invaders. Ensure your army is strong enough to counter attacks and protect your resources.

PVE mode

Players need resources to build their kingdoms. They obtain these resources by using soldiers to hunt monsters lurking on farms and on the continent. A player may gather resources such as food, stones, wood, crystals, and gold. These resources will help a kingdom to become a mighty fortress. In addition, hunting monsters give players EXP which can help in mastering different skills needed to defend a territory.

MMO Mode

Multiplayer mode is the best part of the League of Kingdoms game. In this mode, forming or joining an alliance strengthens all participants as they will fight for one another. So, an invader army automatically attacks your alliance, which has a higher chance of winning. 

Meanwhile, real-time rewards such as gifts and lands are more accessible through alliance-based tournaments like Continent vs. Continent battles, League of Shrines, etc.

The League Of Kingdom token (LOKA)

LOKA token powers this blockchain game. It serves governance functions and as a currency for exchange. Meanwhile, LOKA has a total supply of 500 million tokens. As of this writing, 25 million of its supply are in circulation. 

The following are other functions of LOKA: 

  1. Players earn rewards in LOKA when they win special tournaments.
  2. They can stake the token to obtain more or other NFTs.
  3. Players use LOKA to buy or mint NFTs.
  4. Those who own large amounts of the token can participate in governance.


League of Kingdoms was launched in July 2020 and rose to popularity almost immediately. Although new features like the Drago Soul Token (DST) are still underway, League of Kingdoms rewards players with unending entertainment and crypto assets.