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Virtual Worlds: Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

You probably should have heard about the metaverse on the internet, at work, or on social media platforms. Suppose you have, then you might also have learned about different activities that you can engage in these virtual worlds.

Notwithstanding, this article will discuss some activities you can do in virtual worlds that you might not be aware of, and of course, some might surprise you.

Real-life activities that are possible in the metaverse 

While there are several engagements humans can achieve from virtual worlds, this article will only discuss four of them.


A wedding in the metaverse sounds strange. Yet, it is happening. On February 2022, American couples Ryan and Candance Hurley held their wedding in Rose Law Group’s estate in Decentraland.

The wedding had all the natural world settings, which included witnesses, a court official, and even 2000 guests. Everything in the Metaverse wedding was an NFT. It was regarded as the first wedding.

Earlier, though, Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy held the first Metaverse reception. After a real-world wedding, Avatars of the couples, including their guest from all over the world and the bride’s father (although late), took to the metaverse to hold a reception.

After that, more couples continued to hold a wedding in the virtual world. Work, play, and entertainment are already becoming a norm in the metaverse. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before weddings become a norm within virtual worlds.

Medical surgery

As impossible as it might sound, virtual surgery happened in the real world in June 2022. Bernado and Arthur Lima were conjoined twins with fused brains. The medical team had spent months adopting effective techniques using 3D virtual images of the twin MRI and CT scans.

The procedure involved plastic surgeons from different locations who used virtual reality headsets to operate in the same virtual room. Although the main surgical procedure occurred in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, surgeons from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London directed the process, and guess what? The surgeons separated the twins successfully.

Another case was when Rogelio Andre-Luna from Spain used Hololens to direct Dr. Petro Gouveia, who successfully conducted breast cancer surgery on a patient. These experiences testify to how the metaverse will transform the work of surgeons and save countless lives shortly.

Physical fitness

Fitness in virtual worlds will create an opportunity for immersive exercises that will bring all the elements of a gym into virtual or augmented reality. Here, users will have a thrilling experience of working out from home.

Although there might be a need to buy special machines to aid the workout, this might not be much of a problem. Presently, technology companies have developed some fitness applications such as Holofit, Viro Move, Yur.ft, etc. Nonetheless, more efforts are ongoing to deliver an entertaining and immersive metaverse fitness regime.

Job Recruitment in Virtual Worlds

Employers can use Job fairs in virtual worlds to access and test a large pool of candidates. Afterward, employers can quickly screen those who pass the test and recruit successful applicants. Using such a process, the recruiter will effectively select ideal candidates from anywhere within a short period.

Virtual worlds and their experiences 

Consider the following virtual experiences and the metaverse platforms that offer them.


Metashooter is a decentralized game that brings hunting into the metaverse. Players can feel the hunting experience because the game is compatible with virtual reality headsets. It operates on the Cardano blockchain and rewards players for going on hunting expeditions.  

In Metashooter, a player’s chance of success increases when they buy hunting aids such as a vehicle, dogs, animal callers, etc., from the in-game marketplace. Further, those who win trophies, tournaments, or contests will receive NFT rewards.

The Golf Club VR

HB Studios released The Golf Club in 2017. While it is not a blockchain game, it offers players absolute control over their experiences. Also, it has a tutorial section that prepares players and helps them master how the game works.

Moreover, the songs of birds, chirping of crickets, hurling wind, and crashing waves create an atmosphere of complete immersion. The Golf Club features over 130,000 golf courses and is available on the Valve Index headset, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Decentraland – Miller Lite metaverse bar

Ever thought of hooking up with friends at a bar in the metaverse? Then the Miller Lite bar in Decentraland is just the place for you. Users above 20 years can meet here.

Miller Lite contains the elements you will find in a real bar, such as a dart board, pool games, a bartender, etc. Oh yes, you can even take a virtual selfie. But no, you won’t find a real drink at a metaverse bar.

Decentral Games – ICE Poker

Imagine a casino where you play games and never lose real money or even cryptocurrencies. Would such a casino even count as a gambling hall?

Doesn’t matter what you call it; ICE Poker is a play-to-earn casino game where users make real money and never lose. Miles Anthony created ICE Poker in October 2021. Initially, Anthony designed the game as a regular casino.

However, due to low turnout, he switched to the play-to-earn business model, and business started booming. Currently, an average of 12,000 users visit ICE Poker daily, accounting for 60% of Decentral Games’ daily traffic. Impressive!

To begin the game, you need an NFT from the ICE wearable collection. You can buy or rent the ICE wearable from others. Also, players that purchase the wearables can loan them to others and receive a percentage split of their winnings. In this deal, the ICE wearable owner gets 40%, while the delegate receives 60%.

After getting an NFT wearable, you will receive an allocation of Chips you need to play the game. Afterward, you earn ICE tokens by completing daily challenges, which increase depending on the number of ICE wearables you own.

There are two tokens in the ICE poker casino, DG and ICE. While DG serves as the governance token, ICE is the in-game currency (for trading) and a reward token.


Despite being in its early stage of development, the metaverse features countless breathtaking activities. When virtual worlds become mainstream, there will be limitless things for humans to achieve.