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Top 5 Content Creators for Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is a decentralized industry. It encourages popular participation by talented persons across the world. Accordingly, artists, 3D graphic designers, video-content creators, etc., are taking up lucrative careers as content creators for blockchain gaming.

These artists are responsible for designing the avatars, wearables, machines, and other in-game items that we use to play blockchain games (play-to-earn games). Due to the decentralized nature of NFTs, an artist can create gaming items independently and sell them to players.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that most content creators for blockchain gaming always submit their artworks for verification. The verification process helps gaming platforms to prevent over-saturation and excess supply of in-game non-fungible tokens.

While most blockchain games have drag-and-drop tools to build on virtual lands, they might as well promote a few NFT collections made by top content creators.

There are countless content creators for blockchain gaming across the popular play-to-earn games. Thus, this article will discuss the works of content creators who design NFTs and some who analyze blockchain games on social media.

5 Content Creators in Blockchain Gaming

Lady Pixy

Lady Pixy, a Canada-based NFT creator, is the first content creator for blockchain gaming on this list. In 2021, Lady Pixy started creating artworks for The Sandbox metaverse. The company designs game avatars that The Sandbox players can own, customize and use to navigate the virtual space.  

Lady Pixy’s avatar collections are in multiple categories, including:

  • Persia Momentum Furniture – an NFT collection of 23 3D furniture pieces with a tone of ancient and Persian origin.
  • Christmas Carnival Collection – this set of 10 avatars, including Alving the Elfie, Christmas Emo Gal, Ginger Cookie Gal, etc., are dressed in Christmas clothing and ready to explore.  
  • The Immortal Collection – this set of 19 gaming items, including Ceremony Car, Classic Royal Chariot, Majestic Car, etc., are fit for the show of luxury and royalty in the metaverse.
  • Back to work – this collection features a skillful and intelligent Army Man, a Female Teacher, an Undefeated Boxer, and seven more professionals ready for work in the metaverse. Meanwhile, Lady Pixy has sold out all the avatars in this collection.    
  • Citizens of Wonderland – Blondie in NY, Bunny Brunette, Fashion Boy, Fashion Lady, and six other NFTs are all avatars for digital fashion and trendy metaverse events.

The creative team of Lady Pixy has a good grasp of designing animated avatars that fit into the diverse world of The Sandbox.   

Tuschay Studios

Tuschay Studios is a game developer and a beneficiary of The Sandbox Game Maker Fund. Despite being in the gaming industry since 2010, Tuschay Studios is currently a content creator for blockchain gaming.

It owns an NFT collection known as The Funguy Family, which contains 2,500 non-fungible tokens. Meanwhile, all the Funguys cost only 0.025 ETH at launch, irrespective of the traits they may possess. Also, Tuschay Studios created the NFTs on the Polygon blockchain to bypass the high transaction fees of Ethereum.

Currently, Tuschay Studios is developing a multiplayer outlet on a 3×3 ESTATE in The Sandbox. Moreover, a game within The Sandbox, Funguy Universe is underway. These two metaverse experiences will be open to owners of Funguy Family NFTs.

As of this writing, about 230 Polygon addresses own NFTs in the Funguy collection, and the floor price of these artworks remains at the initial cost of 0.025 ETH.

JTV Designs

JTV is an NFT brand that designs wearables for the Decentraland metaverse. The JTV collection contains 24,400 digital garments, including hoodies, joggers, wings, helmets, hats, etc. Also, about 4,200 Ethereum addresses own an NFT from the JTV wearable collection.

The brand is building a play-to-earn game called Exodus Goodbye World on Decentraland. According to JTV’s website, Exodus will be a pay-to-play game that will offer a reward to players who win specific challenges.

NFTs in the JTV collection run on the Polygon blockchain. Hence, Decentraland players can easily afford to buy the wearables and pay Polygon’s gas fee.

On Chain Gaming

Jake, the On Chain Gamer, is a 26-year-old content creator for blockchain gaming. He creates YouTube videos that explain how to play specific blockchain games. According to Jake, earnings from play-to-earn games are a real source of income.

The On Chain Gaming YouTube channel has about 130,000 subscribers and 286 videos. Most videos either explain how to play certain games or analyze utility tokens of blockchain gaming projects.

Also, Jake makes regular videos that discuss the potential of play-to-earn games and why they are a fitting replacement for traditional games.

In a video titled “Top 5 Crypto Games Set to Change Gaming,” Jake discusses five play-to-earn games and their unique features. On the top of his list is Mirandus, which he describes as a “Massive Multiplayer world truly alive.” Likewise, he mentions that Mirandus will soon be a virtual reality game.

Other play-to-earn games that fit into the list are The Sandbox, Illuvium, Legends Reborn, and BIGTIME.  

With consistent and quality videos focused on the play-to-earn niche, On Chain Gaming is a leading content creator for blockchain gaming.

World of Women Arts

World of Women (WoW) is a set of 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The entire collection is sold out to some 5,500 owners at the time of this writing. More so, the total volume of ETH spent in trading WoW NFTs is over 71,800 ETH. 

There are different properties put into the making of each WoW NFT. These include 11 different backgrounds, 14 skin tones; 27 kinds of clothes; 25 hairstyles; 23 facial features; 15 necklaces, and five more properties.

Combining these properties makes up the 10,000 artworks in the World of Women collection.

Concluding thoughts

Content creators for blockchain gaming promote the rapid growth of the blockchain gaming industry. Every avatar, wearable, and YouTube video improves gameplay and educates new players on the potential of play-to-earn.